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Error on charts and on the admin panel

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Hey all,

I am getting the following error

Open Flash Chart
JSON Parse Error [syntax Error]
Error at character 0, line 1:
0: <br />

on all of the charts on my website, as well as on the admin panel I am unable to view the airports list, routes list and pilots list.

I have tried installing and updating repeatedly.

Any help to resolve the problem would be much appreciated!

Happy simming!

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Looking at the aav site, it would be hard to diagonse from the forum here, it is obvious by the url's that the system has been altered. I would suggest looking into how you are parsing the url's to the necesarry library functions for the charting.

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I can see that the charts are not working -> http://www.net-flyer...ex.php/finances <- and I can also see that it seems the files are there for the library -> http://www.net-flyer...hp-ofc-library/ <- (btw - you really should block access to the folder)

From the outside it looks like it should be working. That is about all I can see from what I can see.

I would check your error logs for the server and if you have not already enable error logging within phpVMS and check the logs after you try to use a page with a chart and see what is showing up. It may be that there is no data being provided, or corrupted data being provided and the chart library doesn't know what to do with it.

@Flightguy - The same things seem present on your site.

@Both - What version are you using or better yet where are you getting it from?

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Thanks for looking, apologies for the slow response, hate it when real responsibilities get in the way of my hobbies. <_<

Anyway, I am using the latest version of the download, sourced from the downloads section of the PHPVMS website. Just to be sure I re-downloaded a fresh copy and reinstalled the package, same results. I guesssome of the issues may be related to the php version, i am using 5.4.20? Could it be the MySQL version?

Thanks for any and all help given.


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@Steve - php 5.4.x is going to cause you some headaches as there are some functionality within the core of phpVMS that was built upon the 5.3.x platform that needs updating to fully migrate to 5.4 but there are some work arounds in the fourm depending on exactly what error you run into.

I would highly suggest getting your download for the system from the github version, namely the 935 tag and then removing the file completly or applying the patch to the ofc_upload_image.php file that was the source of the recent exploit. You can find that download here -> https://github.com/n...phpVMS/releases

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Sorry for answering this post more than 2 years after the last answer, but I had the same problem, and the only solution that really works that I found was to put my website's PHP version in 5.3. It doesn't work anymore from 5.4. :(


You can find the fix for it here -> https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x/commit/319f8b35c4ac7b4c9eb5b56457662c122f844db3

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