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  1. Sent both of you guys a quick PM
  2. Hey Gents, Its been a while since I have posted here. I've run in to a lot of free time recently so I am able to start designing and creating VA website again. If interested feel free to message me here. Past websites - www.d1virtual.de AAvirtual.net Skywardsva.net Cheers!
  3. AAv is not PHPvms, sorry should have clarified, www.skywardsva.com. Also for the tables, it just started to work one day after a certain number of reinstalls Thanks again, Ada
  4. *Gentle Bump* The admin panel tables are working however I was unable to get the Open Flash Charts to work. I have the PHPvms install from the website, the most current one. Any help is much appreciated Thanks, Ada
  5. I am not sure what file was moved, this is from the new install on the phpvms.net website Its also not just the charts but most of the jquery i think. The Pilots list, airports list and routes list does not bring up anything, it loads and displays 0. Thanks for the help, Ada
  6. Hey all, I am getting the following error Open Flash Chart JSON Parse Error [syntax Error] Error at character 0, line 1: 0: <br /> on all of the charts on my website, as well as on the admin panel I am unable to view the airports list, routes list and pilots list. I have tried installing and updating repeatedly. Any help to resolve the problem would be much appreciated! Happy simming!
  7. Its come to a point where he wont respond to those or email.
  8. Wanna know why you are switching to a new host... Because we filed a copyright claim with 000webhost and talked with their legal department with my family lawyer. If you intend to use our templates and merge them in to PHPvms again, we will do the same thing and once again offer to proceed with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. After 48 hours, like we said, we contacted a lawyer and got him to send in a claim, we will do it again if we have to. Either get your own website or close down. Copying us to the exact is not allowed. You did not even take the liberty to change the images from our server to your server, or the CSS files as they were all linked to our website. I hope you understand that this is your final notification, as it seems the Webhoster suspending you wasnt enough. Kind regards, Ada Erzurumlu AAvirtual.net
  9. Do you guys want me to send you the Cease and Decease they gave me for the domain I was running? I had a "Lufthansa" in my URL but they said I cannot say Lufthansa anywhere on the website including the URL. I had more of a disclaimer as well If you wanna continue operations as a Lufthansa, dont have the url be vLufthansa.com and do not have their bird logo on the website.
  10. Your gonna get shut down in a year..... But nice site
  11. Sorry, i dont use this much, but wth? haha.... When has a CEO striven to keep pilots who don't fly to fill the roster. Looks unprofessional, messy, and makes the VA look bad anyway...
  12. Hey Joeri, if you mean AAvirtual.net, then no, with AA we have the a lot more permissions as seen on our website. FlyTHYvirtual is a sister airline in which select staff from AAvirtual.net will be staffing. Please understand that I do not open up VA's everyday... AAvirtual has been with me for over 3 years, and is a pretty huge VA right now. Try to keep the feedback positive as this is a community, dont wanna let the new commers think that this can be a public grill haha.
  13. Hi Mike, Its very complex but we came to an agreement haha, no where on the website do we say Turkish Airlines besides the disclaimer, and we dont use any logos They have allowed that, but we have to be careful, as always when dealing with real world airlines
  14. Thanks, we are doing updates all this week to open on time for tomorrow!
  15. Just in time for the holidays! FlyTHYvirtual will be opening operations on December 23rd, 2012. Turkish Airlines Virtual will be operating the day to day flight schedules of Turkish Airlines. Our website is located at flythyvirtual.net, Any feedback would be great!
  16. @Joeri Windows 8 is meant more for tablets right now, (some inside info now) They are thinking about releasing a desktop version as well, a lot of people left feedback that they miss the start button which im sure we all will. They are thinking of having the windows 8 installer prompt you for either a tablet installation or a desktop installation.
  17. DesignerXPO.com is offering website skinning from as low as $80. We can do custom website templates which start at a base price of $80, and go up as more features are requested. We understand that a Virtual Airline does not make profit and thus provide a flexible price range to help everyone get what they need to run their Virtual Airline. Upon emailing our team, we can give you links to our past works that we have done, as well as an accurate time frame on which your project will be finished. We never resell the same skin, and we do not require that you keep our name on the skin, as we respect that you should be able to use the skin however you like. We currently have a team of 2 that work to complete the projects in a timely matter! Please view our website at www.DesignerXPO.com or email projects@designerxpo.com. For repaints and questions please PM me here on the forums or email projects@designerxpo.com
  18. Yes, sorry, that has been added, however we will be using your events module as well, so i just made it a vaige thanks and a link to you guys instead of just the popupnews.
  19. Look on the Legal page the skin I created messed up with the footer, so we decided to make a legal page.
  20. FlyEskimo.com has now come in to the pre-release phase of our development. We have opened the registration and have started to look for staff. We are also asking for members of the PHPvms community to let us know on how we can improve and rework our website to make it more user friendly and more appealing. The website is at www.Flyeskimo.com. Thanks!
  21. There is a way to crack the VAbase system...
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