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I have a xxxxxx.tpl file not found error


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Notice: The template file "/home/********/public_html//core/templates/the_template_name.tpl"doesn't exist in /home/********/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php

If you have this error in your phpVMS system it is one of two things.

#1 - The file is simply not where it belongs. Follow the path in the error and make sure the file is in that path. If it is not in the correct folder it will not be found.

#2 - If you are downloading any of my modules from GitHub most likely you are downloading the newest version which has template files using the .php extension instead of the .tpl extension. I have changed this so the modules will work with the latest development versions of phpVMS which uses the .php extension as well as some other items to try and help secure the system. If you are running an older version that is still using the .tpl extension then look under the releases link in the github panel for the last release for .tpl file versions and download that one.


-> main Github page for AirMail -> https://github.com/D.../phpVMS-AirMail The version you download from this page uses the .php extensions.

-> if you click on the releases link right under the title you will get the releases page -> https://github.com/D...irMail/releases - You should see a version that is notated with something to the effect of - Final version using .tpl template format for <= phpVMS version 2.935 -

ALSO: The plugin manager would make all this automated for you and it automatically knows which version of the module to install.

I think it is probably one of the better items as far as addons for phpVMS. If you already have modules installed and try to install them again with the PlugIn Manager you will probably lose any data that you had prior. This will not happen if the module was installed with the Plugin Manager.

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