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  1. yeah i'm removed from virtual, check now.
  2. ^ edit for weather map only! ( pirepdata - common folder ) and i replace original file same problem.
  3. hello, i have error with modules in phpvms 5.5 - Duplicate/Multiple pireps - ACARS showing error & PIREPS has sent at same time already!! and when send manual report, show me error ( Internal Server Error ) and ACARS show ( DATA PARSE ERROR ).
  4. Hello, how are you all, i'm noticed the flight time format has changed when update to 5.5 version! prev: flight format HH:MM .. after update: HH:MM:SS i think the 5.5 version used a flighttime_stamp column -- on DB how can i use Flight time(hh:mm) in my script without time-stamp(hh:mm:ss)?
  5. good day all, when accept PIREP or reset signtrue, the phpvms show error: Warning: imagecreatefromstring(): Empty string or invalid image in /xxx/phpvms/core/common/PilotData.class.php on line 1016 , on PilotData.class.php on line 1016: $rankimg = imagecreatefromstring($rankimg); how can i fix?
  6. add this after website link /index.php/pilots
  7. thank u for replying, but i want to use ACARS in phpvms, so ips will detect pilot online (without) use acars. any solution for that? thank u so much for replying.
  8. good day all, i want to ask you how to link phpvms flights with ivao network? i mean the flight show only pilot connected at ivao network, now, all pilots (just run the acars) be shown in my website, so i wanna to showing all pilots be connected in IVAO (or) VATSIM network only! this possible? thank u all
  9. Good day All i try all solved to fix this problem but don't work unfortunately i know this problem with ( jQuery) but i want it. i use jquery v2 all versions and 1.11x versions .. all versions don't solved this problem! and i try to change (Schedules.php) command on (core/modules/Schedules): TO & (schedule_details.tpl) in the skin path: TO and not out for result! ,, how can i fix this problem please my website is> www.nasair-va.org Test member: e-mail: flynas@nasair-va.org Pass: 123123 thank you
  10. Welcome to Saudi Arabian Virtual Airlines, ( click in Logo to open Saudia-VA website ) We congratulate ourselves about the new and elegant design, and all believing he would increase the enthusiasm in frequent flights him, Very natural when you are moving from one system to another gets there are some deficiencies in the data, but was avoided 80% of the missing data so that only some of the additions that will not harm the functioning of the site. For your information: Site design by with html5. Activation of the phpvms, instead of the IPS Restore tracking system flights (acars). Add many trips and modify existing flights. Callsign been modified for all pilots - 4 numbers. ,, There is still a little work, which would not hurt to run the site, or object to the trips, If you have problems at the site, do not hesitate to contact us ... Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you a pleasant flight. ... Best regards,
  11. try this SQL comm INSERT INTO `phpvms_groupmembers` (`id`, `groupid`, `pilotid`) VALUES (1, 2, 1), (2, 1, 1); he mean : this command add the access authorization to any member. if u change pilot id,, plz correct the code >> (1, 2, 1), (2, 1, 1); in red your id .. & please make sure that he doesn't have any data in the table
  12. left empty fields, but didn't add any of the trips, i wrote the paper only and the rest left empty, but I figured mistakes.
  13. ^ u want me to do her introduction to admin panel > import and leave an empty field? , then what happens if the pilot is use ACARS program in fly it?
  14. to be open flight by choosing pilot.
  15. Good day. I want to add an open book flight, Without any of the flight schedule that the pilot wants flights is unscheduled. do they exist?
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