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What are nav updates?

These updates are for the phpVMS route maps. They allow you to use the latest AIRAC cycle data for all of your routes. They are paid since I do have to pay for access to certain databases, from which I compile all the data.

How to install?

When you download the zip file, there is one SQL file included. You have to import this either in phpMyAdmin or on the command line. View this page for more instructions (scroll to "Restoring your MySQL Database). Below that are instructions for phpMyAdmin as well. I recommend doing it from the command line, if possible, since it is a rather large file - close to 100,000 entries, at about 6mb total.

From the command line:

mysqlimport -uYOUR_DB_USERNAME -pYOUR_DB_PASSWORD DB_NAME navdata.sql

Table Prefix

If your table prefix differs from the default "phpvms_", import the navdata.sql file, then change the name of the table to "YOURPREFIXnavdata". For example, if your table prefix is "vms_", run the following on the MySQL command line:

RENAME phpvms_navdata TO vms_navdata

Alternatively, you can use phpMyAdmin (select the table, then "Operations" -> "Rename Table")

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