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Dear users

I would have posted in the forums a few months ago about some guys out there who are just plain dishonest. For those who missed the first post I have copied it to the bottom of this post for your viewing pleasure.

In the first incident I refused to name the parties involved because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and a chance to redeem themselves. However, this seems to be a growing trend and I am forced to take drastic measures because the same thing occurs again.

In the first incident I would have contracted the group STARTMYVA with Ryan Palmer being the head developer to redesign my website, he subsequently has disabled the client area of his website so I have no further access other that the homepage of his website. The situation with those guys is laid out in the content in the first post.

Since then, I have contracted CLOUD CODERZ who also was paid to do a job and I was left hanging. Chase Morgan who is the lead developer for cloud coderz would have contacted me to do the job.

Here is a copy of the correspondence unedited:-

Conversation started June 29

Chase Morgan

6/29, 4:58pm

Chase Morgan

Hello Chris,

My name is Chase Morgan, I am the Lead Project Designer at Cloud Coderz http://cloudcoderz.com. I saw your post on the phpVMS forums about your website being down. That is very unfortunate I understand how frustrating it is to work with a company that doesn't meet your needs or value your project. As you can see from the Cloud Coderz portfolio, we have designed some of the most advanced websites in the industry, including the new Redwood Virtual website (http://redwoodva.net). We offer services from basic skin design, to feature development and SEO Optimization. Being a CEO for a virtual airline as well, I realize that much of the time, money is tight when there are many other expenses. I would like to cater our services to you in the most economically sound way possible to you. If you would like to get a quote drop us an email at sales@cloudcoderz.com and launch your new virtual airline era today!

After much delay, Mr. Morgan sub contracted Chris Gartrell who did little to nothing, so my site was yet again left hanging for a few weeks with failed communication. These guys just keep messing around with valuable time and money. Since then I offered Mr. Morgan the opportunity to redeem himself and he once again failed me.

I was promised a 50 slot Teamspeak Channel,never got it, promised a cloud pilot center never got it. All this was in effort to make up for the tardiness on his part.

I personally think these guys are scamming the public out of funds and then finding excuses when you try to get answers out of them. I have worked very hard and tirelessly on my virtual airlines, and it’s quite unfair and unreasonable not only to me but to my pilots who are so dedicated to flying this va. They have waited patiently for the past 3 months to have the va back up and running and now I may have to further delay my operations.

In the event that I see any aspect of my design on any other va associated with these guys I will be forced to take further action. I am appalled that in a community where each and every one of us have a love for aviation, and dedicate so much time to be flight simmers and hobbyist, that people would be so dishonest and vindictive towards each other.


Dear Forum Members:

This post is going to be one of a serious concern which I am having with some of the persons who "SUPPOSE" to be developing websites out there for their clients.

Recenty I watched a video on youtube about this guy who was taking money from persons and were suppose to build these gaming computers and months after they never got the computers.

My story is a few months ago my virtual website suffered terribly at the hands of a hacker so therefore we basically had to rebuild the virtual airline. I would have posted to that effect in these forums. A virtual airline developer approached me and told me they could have my va back up and running with in 4 -5 days all i needed to do was state what I needed done. So I did I provided the HTML skin i wanted to use and so on.

I signed up with their company and they requested I pay in full before any work was carried out. That I did and a month later I was still in the dark ages with this provider. All I got was excuses and no work. All I am saying here is if you expect to be paid upfront you need to provide a high level of work for the client.

I will not name the company here but just be aware of who you have working for you.


Chris Ashby


Caribbean Airlines Virtual

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As a phpVMS Forum member and developer, i want to point some things. When you are accepting an offer from a developer, you should not send the full payment before you are sure that your website will be OK. Of course, the developer has the right to request a deposit in order to start the project. Also, i would suggest to you to do all the payments via PayPal. As i remember, you have 45 days to open a case on PayPal and request your money back from the person you got the money. Of course, you should be able to prove it. Last but not least, although i do not know what has happened because i have not heard both parts, in many cases the deposit is not refunded. If you as a client decided that you do not want the website, the developer can keep the deposit.

All these are based on the terms you have accepted. Personally, in my offers, i include a list of terms in order to ensure the safety of both parts (me and my client's part).

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