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  1. That means that the function you added already exists and there is no reason to add it. What are you whilling to do?
  2. Yes, the error is shown because there is not a closing bracket before the new function ("public static function.........") statement. Did you randomly past it into the file? The previous function should close using a bracket "}" without the "" before you start declaring a new one.
  3. Where did you did you find this part. of code? Remove the following part from the above statement and it should be working correctly: public static function get_stats_by_cur_month($howmany) What are you trying to do?
  4. Maybe the aircraft table of your database is currepted or there is an issue the primary/foreign keys. Would you like to pm me your cpanel/phpvms details to check it out for you? As soon as I check it, I will post the solution so the community is aware of the issue and the resolution of it.
  5. Feel's like you are passing the pirepid or even the pilotid when we are talking about pilot's management through the url (get request) and not through a post request. Because of that, the pirepid is not parsed correctly. There should be something wrong with your javascript running on the admin center.
  6. What's on line 337 on your PIREPData.class.php file? Share with us line 337 plus a few lines before and after to understand what it is trying to parse.
  7. Have you tried getting in touch with your web hosting provider?
  8. I do not know what cause the issue. Are you hosted on a shared hosting environment or is it on a private server (vps or dedicated)? Initially, I would try to do a database table optimization and repair through my phpmyadmin.
  9. I am pretty sure that the issue has to do with the days of week. Can you get into your phpmyadmin and run the following query: UPDATE phpvms_schedules SET daysofweek='0123456', week1='0123456', week2='0123456', week3='0123456', week4='0123456'; Don't forget to replace "phpvms_" with your database table prefix if you are using a different one. Let us know if it worked.
  10. Also make sure that you have removed from all the Pilot Groups. You can also change his email to an email under your control and his password too. This way he won't be able to reset his password using his email.
  11. Open your core/ScreenshotsData.class.php file and find this: public static function get_comments($ss_id) { $query = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."screenshots_comments WHERE ss_id='$ss_id'"; return DB::get_results($query); } add the following after the closing bracket of the above statement: public static function getLatestComment($ss_id) { $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."screenshots_comments WHERE ss_id='$ss_id' ORDER BY ss_id DESC LIMIT 1"; return DB::get_row($sql); } Then, within your code replace: $comment = ScreenshotsData::get_comments($ss_id); with this: $comment = ScreenshotsData::getLatestComment($ss_id); Let us know if it worked for you.
  12. Have you tried getting in touch with the developer of the module beforehand?
  13. Yeah, you should be able to do that. Open your core/modules/Screenshots/Screenshots.php file and find the following statement: ScreenshotsData::send_message($who_to, $who_from, $subject, $message); There should be two of these statements in the above mentioned file. One of them is within the "approve_screenshot" function and the second one is within the "reject_screenshot" function. Below the above mentioned statement you can add the following: $pilotdata = PilotData::getPilotData($who_to); $subject = "Screenshot Approved or Rejected"; $message = "Congratulations, you screenshot has been approved. etc"; Util::SendEmail($pilotdata->email, $subject, $message); You can update any of the above variables (subject or message) to send the right message for "reject_screenshot" too. You can also comment out the statement that exists to send the airmail to the pilot like this: //ScreenshotsData::send_message($who_to, $who_from, $subject, $message);
  14. Unfortunately no, the ranks can be either auto or manual. Alternatively, you will have to edit the core of the phpVMS. If you at least have some basic knowledge of coding you can give it a try. Do not forget to keep backup of every file before you edit it! You will have to bypass your staff members from the auto ranks calculation function of your phpVMS system. This means that first of all, you will have to enable the rank editing option on the admin side for your staff members and stop the auto rank recalculation. Step 1 Open your admin/templates/pilot_details.php and find the following: if(Config::Get('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE') == false) { replace it with this: if(Config::Get('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE') == false || $pilotinfo->pilotid == X || $pilotinfo->pilotid == X) { Step 2 After that, open your admin/modules/PilotAdmin/PilotAdmin.php and find the following: if (Config::Get('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE') == false) { replace it with this: if (Config::Get('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE') == false || $this->post->pilotid == X || $this->post->pilotid == X) { Step 3 Then, open your core/common/RanksData.class.php file and find the following: foreach ($pilots as $pilot) { below this line, add the following statement: if($pilot->pilotid == X || $pilot->pilotid == X) continue; In both of the pasted snippets, you will have to replace X with the pilot id which is just a number (for example: 1 or 5 or 11), do not confuse it with your pilot code and you can add ad many "|| $pilotinfo->pilotid == X" or "|| $this->post->pilotid == X" or "|| $pilot->pilotid == X" as you want based on the statements above. Give me an example what would you write if you wanted to bypass four different pilots. In any case, let us know if it worked for you.
  15. phpVMS has several count functions. As @ProAvia said, you are probably using PHP 7.2. I would open my core/local.config.php and find "ERROR_LEVEL" and set its statement to something like that: Config::Set('ERROR_LEVEL', E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); That should hide all the warnings.
  16. Hello Florian, Would you like to email me through PHP-Mods website to discuss everything? George
  17. There are many emails based on the progress of the pilot's registration. Check your lib/skins/your_skin_name folder or core/templates. All of the email templates are starting with "email_". If the file exists within your skin's folder then this template is used otherwise the system is using the file within the core/templates folder.
  18. Flight Assignments v1 Seach between the flights on your schedules based on multiple criteria. Book all the flights found with one click. Select, as an administrator, the pre selected option for the schedule search. More information about the module can be found here. You can any time request support for this module via opening a support ticket on our own billing system. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
  19. What kind of problem do you have? The query you posted can be run through your server's phpmyadmin and within your phpVMS database.
  20. It is truth that they do not work. I am currently trying to find a provided who might be able to give us notams which we can show in the briefing. I do not know if there are a lot of them available.
  21. I am gradually replying to all of the support tickets to all of you.
  22. Can you check the code below? <?php if(PilotGroups::group_has_perm(Auth::$usergroups, ACCESS_ADMIN)) { ?> <!-- Admin Notifications --> <li class="nav-item dropdown"> <a class="nav-link dropdown-toggle text-muted text-muted " href="#" data-toggle="dropdown" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false"> <i class="fa fa-bell"></i> <?php $pendingpireps = count(PIREPData::findPIREPS(array('p.accepted' => PIREP_PENDING))); $pendingpilots = count(PilotData::findPilots(array('p.confirmed' => PILOT_PENDING))); $count = ($pendingpireps + $pendingpilots); if(!$count) { echo ''; } else { echo ' <div class="notify"> <span class="heartbit"></span> <span class="point"></span> </div>'; } ?> </a> <div class="dropdown-menu dropdown-menu-right mailbox animated zoomIn"> <center> <br /> <font color="#f39c12"><b>ADMIN NOTIFICATIONS</b></font> <hr /> <!-- PILOTS --> <a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/admin/index.php/pilotadmin/pendingpilots"> <font color="#fff">You have <span class="label label-warning"><b><?php echo count(PilotData::GetPendingPilots()); ?></b></span><br />Pending Registrations</font></a> <hr /> <!-- PIREPs --> <a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/admin/index.php/pirepadmin/viewpending"> <font color="#fff">You have <span class="label label-warning"><b><?php echo count(PIREPData::GetAllReportsByAccept(PIREP_PENDING)); ?></b></span> <br />Pending PIREPs.</font></a> <hr /> <!-- Screenshots --> <a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/index.php/screenshots/approval_list"> <font color="#fff">You have <span class="label label-warning"><b><?php echo ScreenshotsData::countpending(); ?></b></span> <br />Pending Screenshots.</font></a> <hr /> <a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/admin"><font color="#ffff00">Check all notifications</font></a> </center> <br /> </div> <!-- End Admin Notifications --> <?php } ?>
  23. It looks like a database issue to me. Can you send me your login details to check them out cause I do not know if it is easy to troubleshoot it through a public forum.
  24. I would like to inform you that Pilot Awards v2.0 is now available. We have made a couple of changes into the new version and we have also included a few new functions. New auto award criteria have been added, an auto awards reports page has been developed and many more. Feel free to check the module here: https://php-mods.eu/phpvms.php?module=pilot-awards
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