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Learning HTML,CSS,PHP,Bootstrap,etc...


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Of all the post I have made on phpVMS forums the most popular are the ones about html,css, and bootstrap. Although I have been on the phpVMS forums and making skins since around 2010, I never really understood what I was doing until the last 6 months to a year. I mean I could change things and add phpVMS code (which I still do) to templates but I didn't know how to make one from scratch or understand most of what was going on.

Let me say although I do help some phpVMS sites with tweaks and such, and sell a few templates once in awhile. I still consider myself fairly new to the process compared to a lot of others that create phpVMS sites here for virtual airlines.

So I am creating a brand new site for people to interact about coding in html, css, php, bootstrap, etc... I am only learning html and css right now so others will have to discuss actually coding in php, bootstrap, javascript, etc... This site is just meant for an overall area for us wanting to learn to code and help others with general coding. Them you can apply them to phpVMS or maybe just make a website for a family member, friend, church, etc...

I have a temporary sub domain on a site I only use for email so it may seem weird, but hey it's there. If it takes off I will buy a new domain or add it to my SimBreak domain (in my signature) in the near future.

Brand new site literally with no content to speak of and new forums with no members or content. The actual site is a site I am working on from a tutorial I found and I am learning phpBB forums too!

If interested visit the beta site:


I know it a weird url but it gets the job done for now! The template is one I just followed a tutorial and it was a Responsive site and I added a drop down menu (original theme didn't have one) and took out the responsive stuff cause I don't really need it.

Hopefully we can all help each other learn general coding!

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