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  1. Was just wondering if Nabeel updated his hosting yet to run PHP 7.1, 7.2, etc... Anyone know?
  2. Just wanted to say very nice work from the screen shots, keep it up! Looks amazing!
  3. Thanks to all the moderators and administrators that take care of this site. Much appreciated!
  4. Customized File New PIREP form page: Nothing fancy, just a little more compact. I like it! It's also the Edit PIREP form: A few minor alignment issues I need to fix.
  5. Alright so after Nabeel ( developer of phpVMS 7 and original phpVMS ) explained this to me, and I am sure he will chime in here when he has time. The way I understand it is that the text in his original default v7 theme and in v7 that will be showing to users is a Laravel library I think it is called and instead of entering code like I did below in my nav.blade.php file below ( chopped up code not complete ). Well not really code but TEXT for the navigation names: <ul class="nav topnav"> @if(Auth::check()) <li class="dropdown active"> <a href="{{ route('frontend.dashboard.index') }}">Dashboard</a> </li> @endif <li><a href="{{ route('frontend.livemap.index') }}">Live Map</a></li> <li><a href="{{ route('frontend.pilots.index') }}">Pilots</a></li> You would instead include the Laravel library language code so that it will display for different languages, say like Spanish. How it does this I have no clue! But this is what you would copy over from the default nav.blade.php file. There is also a language file and can't remember where it is, with a bunch more options. <ul class="nav topnav"> @if(Auth::check()) <li class="dropdown active"> <a href="{{ route('frontend.dashboard.index') }}">@lang('common.dashboard')</a> </li> @endif <li><a href="{{ route('frontend.livemap.index') }}">@lang('common.livemap')</a></li> <li><a href="{{ route('frontend.pilots.index') }}">{{ trans_choice('common.pilot', 2) }}</a></li> I thought this would mess up my text and so forth from my template, but it has not yet, and should not. I also can't remember the {{ trans_choice('common.pilot', 2) }} code meaning cause I looked it up a long time ago.If I remember correctly the number 2, makes choices this instance between the singular PILOT and the plural PILOTS! I am still learning! Hope this help's someone. I almost sure you DON"T have to use the language files, it's up to you.
  6. Although I am still going through the Laravel 5.7 Tutorials, I don't grasp these instead of just test yet? But I did find the master file, just trying to understand why these instead of text. Is it like a CSS file one reference takes care of them all? Or something like that?
  7. Apparently too simple for my brain to comprehend Thank's to both of you!
  8. So it was you Once again Thanks!
  9. Making room for the future, when I find more info to put into the duplicate table with different info hopefully! Latest Profile page. Now I can't stop I would like to have total va hours, miles, total pilots, total passengers, etc... info if anyone knows how to do that already? Thanks!
  10. I'll have to add this to a table or something in the future, but here is the reformatted Profile page. Or the start of it I like it just have to clean it up When taking screen shot's although the info is bogus, get used to not showing your API key, email, etc... Luckily I noticed right away, although it's all bogus! That was close
  11. How can I edit my Title on a post I made? Can I? Specifically I want to add the word TUTORIAL to my Customize a v7 template to a v7 Theme! Thanks!
  12. I am gonna try and make a few video's of changing the content on pages like Dashboard, Home, etc... but I don't really have a method to my madness at this point, so I will try in the future to make one that hopefully people will understand although I am not exactly sure. I edit this and then I edit that, and I test, and it does not work, so I try that etc... until I get some kind of result I like so it's kind of hard at this point to make a video. Maybe when I get better at it. Having said that I did figure out why my map, registration, filing a pirep, etc... was not working. I had to put this code above all my script's at the bottom of the app.blade.php file. Something like this: As you can see the required phpVMS 7 file references are now ABOVE my Javascript library links and now most items work properly although I have to format a ton of pages! Best of luck to every one. Also, I said in the first video I knew nothing about these files so ignore that and copy these links from the default Theme in the app.blade.php file into your Serenity app.blade.php file and although it might look horrible, the map, flight's, pirep's, registration, and such should work, SHOULD! Let me know if anyone tries to follow my first 2 video's and get the Serenity template basic's working in v7? Good luck!
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