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help for free module installation


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hello I need help with the installation of the modules free of php . I try to explain , we install the modules and the section is created , but the various statistics are not seen on the site . maybe something wrong but we can not figure out what .

thanks to all.

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We installed a free mod from this vendor to test stability. 1 month later it still is not working after opening a ticket nothing was corrected and the vendor just blocked or ticket submission. This is a very poor way to treat potential customers. We have removed them from or vendor list and will not purchase mods from them!

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First of all, if you check the PHP-Mods Terms and Conditions, support for the free modules is not offered through our Billing System. This means that our Staff is not obliged to offer support for the freeware modules based on the workload. Please pm me with your website details and a description with the problem and i will try to see what i can do for you.

Let me state that the problem had been already corrected on 20th of May by myself and now for some reason, it happened again. Last but not least, if you do not describe what is your problem, we are not able to support you. You have not even said what is the module you are talking about.

I will be waiting for your pm.

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