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Code Error - core/module/login.php v5.5.2


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Using Blue Ocean also have tried with Crystal. "Lost Password" "staff" or "all pilots" emails are not being sent. Appears to an error in the "core/modules/login.php" file. Currently it is still referring to templates as ".tpl" and "public function". I have tried to change these to .php and public static function, however then no login is possible.

Ability to emails mandatory. Especially since we just converted a 30 yrs old airline to PHPvms.

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I believe that this is the same issue that was raised on the GitHub repository, my response there;

None of the functions in the Login.php file should be statically called from anywhere in the system, at least no where I am aware of, this should be a non issue. The .tpl extension is also a non issue - it is replaced by the system early in the template build, you should be able to basically put anything you want for a file extension, the system will always replace it with a .php extension (if you are using an extended version, I do not know if it is included with the true release labeled 936).

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