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  1. What should the file look like after the changes?
  2. When PIREPS are accepted the hours are not being updated automatically in the pilot logbook. Hours and flights are only updated when the 'maintenance module' is run. Any suggestions?
  3. No errors, just bot retrieving the data.
  4. The chart shows up empty in in IE and Firefox. There is no data shown. FYI we have 366 PIREPs file in the past 30 days. For whatever reason it is no getting the data.
  5. PHPvms V5.5.2 and all browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox and IOS on Ipad. The graph shows some of the time but no data is showing. Curious where does the number of Guests data come from?
  6. The graph that shows Pireps Counts during the past 30 days is stuck and "loading: just keeps spinning. No graph is being displayed. This was a convenient way for Admins to see a VA's priep counts during the past month. Is there a fix for this?
  7. Very specific question - where in the code is this message is located "Your account was marked inactive". We need to change this message.
  8. Where is are the login messages located? Specifically if a pilot is in active the get the following message on their screen "Your account was marked inactive". Where is this message in the code so it can be changed?
  9. Currently when a pilot is market inactive/Retired they have to contact Staff to to change their status. Where is this set in the code? We want them to be able to file a PIREP and change their status back to active. The filing can be done either manually or via ACARS.
  10. Do you have the code above for Crazy Creative's Tour Module. The original is to plain.
  11. We sent an email to the above vendor about their buying their 'Tour Module'. Have not had any response. Yes they have a shopping cart but if no one is active any longer it will be lost money. Any one have contact info for them? Thanks
  12. This from the original file StatsData.Class.php Here is the section w/ Line 171 /** * Get all of the months since a certain date */ public static function getMonthsSinceDate($start) { $key_month = date('MY', $start); (note this is Line 171) $key = 'months_since_' . $key_month; $months = CodonCache::read($key); if ($months === false) { if (!is_numeric($start)) { $start = strtotime($start); } $end = date('Ym'); do {
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