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  1. DesComm

    EMAIL support wanted

    We are seeking some one who has experience integrating the email functions of phpVMS with AWS SES. Need to get email functioning. phpemailtest.php works from the server but not phpvms.
  2. DesComm

    vaCentral Status

    In checking your site, unless I'm blind, "How does a person see the stats of the various airlines?". Your Blog mentions pilots are seeking active airlines. Again where are the STATS? That was one of the major benefits of VA Central. Also a FYI in registering there were many SQL errors, which resulted in us changing our description.
  3. Flights are not being displayed on the actual route. They are always shown approx 1/4" off of the actual route (see attached photos). The info from ACARS is correct as I can monitor the flight using 3rd party software on my iPAD it is correct. Any suggestions, appears to be some offset.
  4. DesComm

    Forced Logout - Inactivity

    Thanks for reply however none of these address the issue. Its very simple - a person logs into the system and then is inactive for a period of "XX_minutes". Then the following should happen: A warning that they will be disconnected due to inactivity Disconnected from the system
  5. DesComm

    Forced Logout - Inactivity

    Is there a way logout a person out after x_minutes of inactivity? We have a issue where some members login using a phone or other device and forget to logout. We want the system to logout them out after a period of time.
  6. AFA is one of the oldest continuing operating VA's. We were founded 20 years ago. In 2016 we converted to PHPvms. Now a little over a year later we are seeking additional Staff. We support FS9, FSX, P3D and X-plane. The following positions are open: Social Media Aircraft Painter PHP programer HR staff Mentors to assist new pilots Contact us at HR (at) flyafa.com
  7. We have deleted a pilot, including the ACARS_data from the database. The flight still shows up on the map with a PID of 0000. How can this be deleted? http://prs.flyafava.com/ thanks
  8. DesComm

    Pirep "approve all" error

    Sorry for delay didn't see ur reply Cuurent version phpinfo() PHP Version => 5.6.26
  9. DesComm

    PilotManager V2.2

    Emails are not filling in the data pilotid, firstname, lastname, etc. see code below We are running simpilot 5.5.2. CODE: <?php $pilotid = $pilot->pilotid; $pirp = PManagerData::getpirep($pilotid); $pir = $pirp->submitdate; ?> <p>Dear <?php echo $pilot->firstname.' '.$pilot->lastname ;?>,</p> <p>You are required to submit one PIREP every day. Your last PIREP was sent on <?php echo $pir; ?>.</p> <p>Please be advised if you do not send a report within the next 2 days your account will be deleted.</p> <p>Sincerely</p> <p><?php echo SITE_NAME ;?> - Staff</p> Email sent: Dear , You are required to submit one PIREP every 30 days. Your last PIREP was sent on . Please be advised if you do not send a report within the next 15 days your account will be deleted. Sincerely American Flight Airways - Staff
  10. DesComm

    Pirep "approve all" error

    In Admin "View all Pireps' 'click to approve all ' returns the following error. This same error is when 'click to approve all' in Edit Pilots - view all pireps. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.........../admin/modules/PIREPAdmin/PIREPAdmin.php on line 120 0 of 0 were approved (0 has errors) There are pireps in the database and they are all automatically accepted. If you look at view pending there are 'NONE'.
  11. DesComm

    --SOLVED-- Admin panel slow - Pilots

    Made the changes and there was no change in load times. Left it set at your number of 50. No. Pireps Load time mm:ss:sss 792 10.8s 1316 18.8s 3780 1:53.0m:ss 2.4s Load time with all fixes - Update-
  12. DesComm

    --SOLVED-- Admin panel slow - Pilots

    BUMP - When a pilot has over 2500 flights it takes over 60 seconds for his info to load. This is an issue with the code not the servers. We have run this on a server with 2Gb ram ad dedicated processor same result.