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demoVA + CrewCenter (swan58) + phpVMS .PHP & .TPL

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I am making a new template to go perfectly with Mark Swan's CrewCenter! Stay updated on the github page.


You guys will really love this! I plan to make skins of demoVA up to v5. The Current one will be v1. It will come with a phpVMS installer (for new VAs [both .PHP & .tpl]). But the first one I will release will be the .PHP version (phpVMS 5.5.x).

Have a read through the readme.md file on github.

I'll keep you posted and when everything is released I will post a new thread in the "Releases" section of this forum!


I offer phpVMS web design along with CrewCenter for competitive prices!

Check out two of my latest sites,

- www.kiwijet.net.nz

- www.nxgair.tk

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


- Max.

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Hey guys, 

You're probably wondering why there's no update.

I am currently a dev on VAOS + I have many other VA websites to design.

When I find the time I will probably release this on phpVMS 3.

Thanks for your patience,
- Max


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