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  1. That's not true - works perfectly on mine running 5.6
  2. Yes, you just need to change the CSS for the sidebar to something like: position: fixed;
  3. It does. Read the documentation. I just looked at it.
  4. It tells you in the documentation. You need to follow the instructions.
  5. It might be worth actually reading this topic thread? This has already been answered:
  6. You haven't replaced the code. Look at the following images - PaintSplasher's code works fine.
  7. Can't you just use the following? It's a bit cleaner too: <?php echo $schedule->flighttime; ?>
  8. It's almost a full time job for me recently. The reason they haven't been dealt with as swiftly lately is due to a job change in my life. I pretty much live at Heathrow airport working for British Airways these days. Sorry for the build up on spam.
  9. Use this: https://virtualairlineschedules.net/ and use promo code FSELITE20
  10. It literally tells you what's wrong. You have a file named "screenshots_randomphp" that doesn't exist. Should it be named "screenshots_random.php" you should wonder? This is what you need to check.
  11. Yup, exactly as flyalaska said. (That’s how I changed it )
  12. Sorry, I don't use Crazy Creative's Tour Module
  13. He said the line 3 is what he’s indicated in bold. Anyway, @Footes change that line to: foreach($pilots as $pilot)
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