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  1. Pilot List

    Have you got a link?
  2. Pilot List

    are you running the crewcentre theme?
  3. Pilot List

    That looks like default crewcentre; just showing an extra column for hub and IVAO number.
  4. Pilot List

    Well it depends what you want to do with it
  5. Pilot List

    pilots_list.php is the file to edit to change appearance of the pilot roster table
  6. I am unable to display pilotid etc in the navbar

    OK, try something a little more robust: <?php - if (!file_exists(SITE_ROOT.AVATAR_PATH.'/'.$pilot.'.png')) { ?> - <img src="<?= SITE_URL ?>/lib/images/noavatar.png" alt="No Avatar" style="width: 50px" class="img-responsive"/> - <?php - } else { - echo '<img src="'.SITE_URL.AVATAR_PATH.'/'.$pilot.'.png'.'" alt="No Avatar" class="img-responsive"/> '; - } ?>
  7. I am unable to display pilotid etc in the navbar

    It's because you're not calling it from the database - try something like this: <?php $pilotcode = PilotData::getPilotCode(Auth::$userinfo->code, Auth::$userinfo->pilotid); ?>
  8. CrewCenter Question

    It's probably the reason why it's not working.
  9. CrewCenter Question

    You're using a free webhost? I'd advise against that before continuing.
  10. Problem with skin change

  11. Problem with skin change

    You're not using the correct phpVMS version I think
  12. hi please check   



  13. Heritage VA is closing

    Sorry to hear you're closing down buddy. Come and join the gang at http://alaskairvirtual.com/. You'll normally find us in the Talkeetna Valley in Alaska. Not much beats flying Super Cubs, Beavers, DC3s in Alaska. Hope to see you there.
  14. Sim Brief for phpvms

    You click on "Pilot Brief" from the list of schedule results
  15. Sim Brief for phpvms

    It's already on your site dude lol http://www.continentalvairlines.com/index.php/schedules/brief/24