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  1. The tour_details page only shows "active" pilots. So yes, 30 pilots may have signed up but 15 are currently marked as "on leave" or "retired". For example, one of my tours has 84 pilots that signed up but tour_details only shows 18. It's because 66 of them aren't active.
  2. I agree but all code within the payware shouldn't be shared publicly in the forum. I would take it to DMs. Asking for help isn't a problem - sharing ANY of the code here is.
  3. Hi mikaelartur, There are no set of rules written specifically about the forums simply because we trust all users to make the right judgement call when using the forums. We don't believe in forceful, heavy-handed moderation and view these forums as very lenient. You will see around all of the sub-forums here that 99.9999% of all posts and comments are done in English simply because it is a universal platform for everyone and the whole of the site and forums is all in English - this indirectly informs you that it is probably best to submit comments in English too. We have many users speaking all different languages here and they all take the time to run it through a translator and post in English so all we ask is that you do the same too. It makes for easier reading when the entire thread is all in one language rather than a variety. Your comment trying to help that man may also help other users here and users that will stumble upon your comment in the future, For the sake of consistency, please keep to English - that's all we're asking.
  4. This probably isn't the best place to advertise your VA. This place isn't full of eager potential flightsimmers looking for a VA to join. You're effectively trying to sell loaves of bread on a forum that is full of bakers...
  5. You've posted in the wrong forums. Can you check before posting please? This area is for phpvms 7. I've moved this for you.
  6. It's not a complaint. It's a rule here and respecting a payware developers code. Just because they have no active support, doesn't give people the right to openly discuss, share, post code here from their payware modules. Sava's comment above tells you how to do it.
  7. Holy crap you do all that just to find a colour code??? Just use JC Picker dude... https://annystudio.com/software/colorpicker/
  8. I will send you a PM, think that's easier

  9. Hey there, hope you are well. 


    We are using CrewCenter exactly like you and it would be a Tremendous help if you could share with me the CSS formatting of the TourModule pages. I love the way yours looks.

    I have it all setup and that would be the last step. You would do me really a huge solid :)


    Thanks again



  10. Are you using the correct version? https://github.com/web541/CrewCenter
  11. Then share what you did to fix it should others stumble upon this thread looking for an answer.
  12. You know you can right-click on things in a browser and select "inspect" it'll show you the details including the CSS elements and which file it can be found in.
  13. This probably isn't the best place to advertise your VA. This place isn't full of eager potential flightsimmers looking for a VA to join.
  14. Then be courteous and share the resolution so others in the community can benefit.
  15. I would suggest LOOKING in the v7 forums - you'll easily find your answer. Probably more quickly than having made this thread 😋
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