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  1. shakamonkey88

    Unable to register on forums

    Hey, We're looking at possibly purchasing a custom kACARS II but I can't register on the forums. The captcha needs to be updated as it's still on V1.
  2. shakamonkey88

    Google Maps Conversion

    Just follow the instructions bit by bit. There’s nothing too difficult to do this.
  3. shakamonkey88

    Google Maps Conversion

    Yup - that's what I am using! See my screenshots above.
  4. shakamonkey88

    Google map API

    Don't use Google because of their API terms changing for the worse. See here:
  5. shakamonkey88

    Google Maps Conversion

    Yep - very happy to be on OSM now. Couple of shots here:
  6. shakamonkey88

    Fly Monarch Virtual Is Hiring

    (moved topic)
  7. shakamonkey88

    Google warning on charging for maps

  8. shakamonkey88

    recaptcha and adding airports error

    PhpVMS version 5.5 doesn’t work fully on php7. I would sort that out first THEN try and diagnose the registration problem.
  9. shakamonkey88

    VATSIM Metar

    No problem. We’re now using checkwx and their API. Will try out alternative PHP cache using apc_store and apc_fetch.
  10. shakamonkey88

    VATSIM Metar

    Hey Vangelis, I know this post is old but I'm wondering whether you wrote a script for this? Thanks, Pete
  11. shakamonkey88

    Activity list not updating with PIREPS

    Interesting, but I don’t use the “approve all” button. edit: Also, I don’t think that the admin activity logs directly links to the issue. I’m talking about the activity feed.
  12. shakamonkey88

    Updated to V2 but Admin shows 2.1.938

    No, you DO need to worry about that. You may have not uploaded all the files that you needed to. The version in the footer isn't directly written - instead, it is echoed as follows: Version <?php echo PHPVMS_VERSION; ?> So there are at least parts of your system that thinks it is still on 2.1.936. How did you go about moving over to v2? It is important as there are differences in the DB itself which need to be addressed. Regards, Pete
  13. shakamonkey88

    get dep and arr airprot in frontpage

    It's because you aren't calling anything from the database so your code above has no information to work/populate with.
  14. shakamonkey88

    [Free] CrewCenter - Modern and responsive pilot center

    Because it has been answered many many times and needlessly elongates this thread. Search for the answer and you'll find a variety of answers that will help you. You also haven't posted your URL and/or your phpVMS version - no one can help you fully without such details.
  15. shakamonkey88

    [Free] CrewCenter - Modern and responsive pilot center

    Search these forums. There are MANY threads about why this error could happen and how to fix this issue. This thread is specifically about Mark Swan’s CrewCenter - nothing to do with a “no route passed” issue. Please keep on topic.