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  1. shakamonkey88

    FlightAware Schedule Pull

    Use this: https://virtualairlineschedules.net/ and use promo code FSELITE20
  2. It literally tells you what's wrong. You have a file named "screenshots_randomphp" that doesn't exist. Should it be named "screenshots_random.php" you should wonder? This is what you need to check.
  3. shakamonkey88

    Edit Title on these Forums?

    Yup, exactly as flyalaska said. (That’s how I changed it )
  4. shakamonkey88

    Edit Title on these Forums?

    You’re welcome
  5. shakamonkey88

    Tour Mod Page

    Sorry, I don't use Crazy Creative's Tour Module
  6. shakamonkey88


    He said the line 3 is what he’s indicated in bold. Anyway, @Footes change that line to: foreach($pilots as $pilot)
  7. shakamonkey88

    Google Maps Conversion

    Don’t think that Google maps couldn’t do this. You just need to change the gestureHandling variable in the google script. Google maps is a LOT more powerful than people think - most just don’t know how to use it fully. See here for more information - https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/interaction That being said, everyone should really move over to OSM using leaflet.
  8. shakamonkey88

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    Couldn't agree more @Heritage1 They also like to go to other people's sites and just blatantly copy the code exactly too. Same charts, same colours - the colours are a specific blue and specific green for our VA's colours even! Then they go sell it to others... Here's their site on the left and our site on the right:
  9. shakamonkey88

    Google Maps Conversion

    Our site has gone through a lot of upgrades since this - but back then, we were using this to populate that table: https://www.crazycreatives.com/downloads/flight-position-tracker/
  10. shakamonkey88

    Responsive Pilot Center | iCrew

    Just be wary, it’s illegal for them to sell some of the payware modules that they use on iCrew. Just double check what you’re getting for your money.
  11. shakamonkey88

    Crew Center and Website for Sale

    Why don’t you just use the FREE skin - you’ll basically have that design for free. https://forum.phpvms.net/topic/25373-skinfree-icrew-lite-skin-2018-designed-for-phpvms/
  12. shakamonkey88

    Broken registration page

    Your Google API key comes in two parts - an access key and a secret key. Sounds like you're missing one of them.
  13. shakamonkey88

    [Free] ElaSkin 2018 - Designed for phpVMS

    You don’t need a tpl version - it is built for phpVMS 5.5x
  14. shakamonkey88

    PilotManager V2.2

    Check the browser console and look for error(s)
  15. shakamonkey88

    Code Snippet

    <?php echo ACARSData::getLiveFlightCount(); ?>