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  1. Crew Center Tweaks

    That's cool - we're just in the process of tweaking our Mail system
  2. Custom ACARS Tracker

    You're definitely going to struggle to find a fully customised ACARS system for less than $50
  3. Pilot Center not displaing anything

    Also, I am not sure that "crewcenter" will work well the way you have installed it. I think there are a few important reasons why the install instructions specially state that it must be installed on a separate subdomain.
  4. Admin Notes

    With our airline, we simply share a google spreadsheet. Many more options that way.
  5. [Free] CrewCenter - Modern and responsive pilot center

    Really love crewcenter but for some reason a pilots avatar does not show on every page. It does on the main dashboard, but any other page just reverts back to the default avatar. Any ideas? Strangely, when you view a different pilots profile, it shows THEIR avatar in the menu instead of your own.
  6. Custom Acars

    Have you looked into KACARS II?
  7. Pilot Roster - Align Columns

    The problem with that code is that it isn't responsive with set px values and doesn't care up/down correctly. I'm pretty sure the answer is that it's missing a div somewhere. Once I get to work, I'll have a look and post it here.
  8. New Message Module (NOW AVAILABLE) $4.99

    Can you contact me please? I purchased this for my VA - Alaskair Virtual. Payment has been made but haven't heard anything back. EDIT: Disregard, just seen your message. Thanks!
  9. SimBrief form to tailor OFP result

    Hey, I looked at your site and can see that you now have this working correctly. How did you do it? Regards,
  10. TemplateSet error

    Have a look in cPanel.
  11. AdminPro | Preminum & Modern Admin Panel Skin

    A fresh pair of eyes always helps.
  12. AdminPro | Preminum & Modern Admin Panel Skin

    Looks great. Slight typo though - it should be "PIREP"
  13. Sim Brief for phpvms

    Have you got your API key from SimBrief and installed it correctly?
  14. World One Group Is Recruiting

    Not saying it is buddy. Just giving you a few pointers on what is broken on your site.
  15. World One Group Is Recruiting

    It's also not showing correctly on iOS. No nav bar, and clicking on where the navigation bar should be just opens the same front page but in a new tab. Someone needs to do a lot more bug checking before hiring people.