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  1. shakamonkey88

    [Free] ElaSkin 2018 - Designed for phpVMS

    You don’t need a tpl version - it is built for phpVMS 5.5x
  2. shakamonkey88

    PilotManager V2.2

    Check the browser console and look for error(s)
  3. shakamonkey88

    Code Snippet

    <?php echo ACARSData::getLiveFlightCount(); ?>
  4. shakamonkey88

    Flight Map Home page

    Just watch out on how much stuff you have on each page Jim... 😊 https://gtmetrix.com/reports/seairtransport.net/WIdjbjsy
  5. shakamonkey88

    Google Maps Conversion

    Have you got information populating in the "rawdata" column in the pireps table of your db?
  6. shakamonkey88

    Google Maps Conversion

    Check the errors in your browser’s dev tools.
  7. shakamonkey88

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Change the file extensions for all auto accept files to .php and change all references within those files to ".tpl" to ".php"
  8. shakamonkey88

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Check that those files actually exist on your server.
  9. shakamonkey88


    Exactly. That’s what I meant by stating that it applies to ANY organisation with personal data of people that reside in the EU. Basically, it applies to 99.999% of people!
  10. shakamonkey88


    No, it applies to ANY organisation that stores, deals with, or somehow processes/has possession of other people’s personal data that reside in the EU. It doesn't matter how big you are or whether you provide a paid service. If you store personal data of others, you need to be GDPR compliant. My VA is now GDPR compliant and have sent out a GDPR notice to all our pilots and I suggest that everyone should at least send something out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  11. shakamonkey88

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    Because we're now addressing these issues. We have a responsibility to make sure that the forums aren't filling up with content that breaks copyright/licenses of other people's works. I'm not trying to "target" you - I have spoken to other people too and people are repoting threads so I can't ignore them.
  12. shakamonkey88

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    Then you’re breaking the usage license if you have the regular license.
  13. shakamonkey88

    Very well paid request for services

    It’ll be easier just to post the details here buddy. You’ll get more of a response that way.
  14. shakamonkey88

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    Did you buy the regular license then?
  15. shakamonkey88

    Revolutionary Crew Center!

    We changed the colours of each line. You can’t say that out of almost 17 million different hex colours, you just happened to choose the same exact two as us. The hex colours of those two lines are specific to our VA. Also, you still haven’t addressed the fact that you’re breaking the license of the theme you’re using. Look, I understand that you’re a young guy wanting to make a bit of money, but you need to do it legitimately and not break license agreements.