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  1. Angel Air

    xAcars problems

    Hi all, I have a pilot on my VA who fly's xplane and on MAC, he is using xacars to record his flight, as that is the only compatible acars program. But it is chucking up lots of errors. 1. pilot number is showing up as 0000 2. when he does a flight it breaks the live map (no ones flight shows up even though other flights are taking place) 3. I have a live flights section on the site which just shows up as multiple '0's This problem only happens with xacars as everyone else use smartCARS here is a screenshot to try and help explain.
  2. Angel Air

    Hubs page module

    Thank you web541, Works great it was exactly what I was wanting. Scott
  3. Angel Air

    Hubs page module

    Thank you for this, I have just got to find where to edit the table now
  4. Angel Air

    Hubs page module

    Is there any way of displaying the schedules for a specific Hub? Thanks Scott
  5. Angel Air


    Here is line 2031 $rankimg = imagecreatefromstring($rankimg);
  6. Angel Air


    Morning all, I have had this problem for some time now, and just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem and knows how to fix it. When accepting PIREPS and editing profiles after the acceptance/upload of a avatar i get this error. Warning: imagecreatefromstring(): Data is not in a recognized format in /home/britann1/public_html/crew/core/common/PilotData.class.php on line 2031 If anyone can point me in the right direction of a fix I would really appreciate it. Thanks Scott
  7. Angel Air

    Pilots Last Flight

    Thank you I have used your codes and adapted it slightly, until I can figure the above out. Thanks again Scott
  8. Angel Air

    Pilots Last Flight

    Hi all I am trying to show the below code on the profile_main.php but can't get any of the data to show. Here is the code, I have taken this from pirep_viewreport.php <b>Departure Airport</b> <p class="pull-right" style="color: #3C8DBC"><?php echo $pirep->depname?> (<?php echo $pirep->depicao; ?>)</p> </li> <li class="list-group-item"> <b>Arrival Airport</b> <p class="pull-right" style="color: #3C8DBC"><?php echo $pirep->arrname?> (<?php echo $pirep->arricao; ?>)</p> </li> <li class="list-group-item"> <b>Aircraft</b> <p class="pull-right" style="color: #3C8DBC"><?php echo $pirep->aircraft . " ($pirep->registration)"?></p> </li> <li class="list-group-item"> <b>Flight Time</b> <p class="pull-right" style="color: #3C8DBC"><?php echo $pirep->flighttime; ?></p> </li> <li class="list-group-item"> <b>Date Submitted</b> <p class="pull-right" style="color: #3C8DBC"><?php echo date(DATE_FORMAT, $pirep->submitdate);?></p> </li> <?php if($pirep->route != '') { echo '<li class="list-group-item"><b>Route</b> <p class="pull-right" style="color: #3C8DBC">'.$pirep->route.'</p></li>'; } ?> <li class="list-group-item"><b>Status</b> <?php if($pirep->accepted == PIREP_ACCEPTED) echo '<div class="label label-success pull-right">Accepted</div>'; elseif($pirep->accepted == PIREP_REJECTED) echo '<div class="label label-danger pull-right">Rejected</div>'; elseif($pirep->accepted == PIREP_PENDING) echo '<div class="label label-info pull-right">Approval Pending</div>'; elseif($pirep->accepted == PIREP_INPROGRESS) echo '<div class="label label-warning pull-right">Flight in Progress</div>'; ?> Here is what I see when I add this code to profile_main.php
  9. Any update on this?
  10. Angel Air

    Responsive Pilot Center | iCrew

    I am interested in your services. Can you contact me please
  11. This is a brilliant skin well done!! Is there anyway of having this as a standalone skin? and if so how do you achieve that? Thanks in advance. Scott
  12. Angel Air

    Navdata Update

    Hi all how do i upload the 1606 txt file to navdata.sql?
  13. Angel Air

    Vatsim online/offline

    Hi all, I am sure this has been asked and answered more than once but I am struggling to find the correct way to display if a Pilot is flying on Vatsim. I would like to display it on the live flights board. Any help would be great Thanks in advance Scott
  14. Angel Air

    TOPPilot beta 1.0

    https://github.com/DavidJClark go here and download files
  15. Angel Air

    Errors on website

    David, not sure if you have had this report from anyone else but I am getting an error when I accept a PIREP here is the error. Warning: imagecreatefromstring() [function.imagecreatefromstring]: Data is not in a recognized format in /home/angelair/public_html/core/common/PilotData.class.php on line 1016 Also same error when trying to upload avatar picture And the same error when you reset the signatures from within the admin/maintenance panel seems like a consistent error but again not sure how to fix. Scott