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  1. Max

    phpVMS v7 - Addon Modules

    What have you been smoking Kyle?
  2. Max

    https Warning

    Oooh. Well Flarum does seem like a nice, modern replacement. But it does not have that classic "Forum" feeling that I think we all love, it seems a bit more *simple*. I'd say this one should stay up if you switch but you can archive it and still allow everyone to look through it as there's a heap of helpful resources and stuff in here.
  3. Max

    https Warning

    Needs an SSL Cert. Since phpVMS *seemingly* has limited funding, I think the LetsEncrypt SSL is the way to go, I use it myself.
  4. Max

    Selling Schedule Pull Script

    Buying or selling was not the idea I had in mind but alright. Have a good week
  5. Max

    Selling Schedule Pull Script

    I sent you a request on Skype, Chase. I'm one of Mark Swans mates, add me back. I'd like to have a chat with you regarding schedules pulls as I've got my own script myself.
  6. Hey guys, You're probably wondering why there's no update. I am currently a dev on VAOS + I have many other VA websites to design. When I find the time I will probably release this on phpVMS 3. Thanks for your patience, - Max
  7. Max

    Forum Compromised

    ImmersionDesign is actually the account I used for my hosting company a while back. My VAs account Fiji Virtual has been banned (For unknown reasons... David?). - Max
  8. Max

    Forum Compromised

    Pretty much so, nobody does. I can apologise on mine and Morgan's behalf about that. Yeah it was, but unfortunately, the misunderstanding has caused me a lot of trouble. And I want that to be compensated... really badly. It's no problem at all... This subject is really f*cked up to be honest, and I need things to be made right. And as you said, real simple... it is indeed! But people being stubborn is getting in the way from making things better of (what I assume) will put their own reputation on the line after already ruining mine. I as a good person will not let their reputation get shat on after all that I've been put through. Tis' indeed. He is trying to lend me all the help he can as my employer and I appreciate it coming from him a lot. - Max
  9. Max

    Forum Compromised

    TAV1702. You're making no sense. Morgan never accused you of anything in his last comment. And he did not target you as a hacker, he just pointed you out. Also, he's not going to be kissing your ass anytime soon unless you shave it, Movember is over... Let me tell you guys, over all of this slander. The last think I want to do is bring David to court, I wish we could get along and civilly sort this issue out. I've lost friends, clients and money thanks to all the complete and utter s*** that's been started and I can only... ugh. Let's just say it's made a big dent in my life. I offered to talk this out with David on Facebook but he seemed to ignore my offer. I am sick and disgusted that this has to go on like this. One thing I can say is that I have looked up to David for a few years now and now that he, himself puts a big dent in my life by 100% standing by his false accusations makes me dislike him (a lot). I can personally say all the accusations made against me and Taylor are 100% complete and utter bulls*** and even worse is that David stands by them with no proof to bring to the table. Whatever is all I can really say, if this gets to a point where I can't handle it anymore I have 5 lawyers lined up to help me out. But I am pretty sure if David Clark is the man he is, he can realise that he's accused an innocent person of hacking his forums and put a dent in his wallet and life. You're being very stubborn at this point and won't admit anything as you are (probably) worried that karma will come back and take it's course if you admit that I did nothing wrong. If you do in fact, apologise to me publicly and realise that I have done no such thing... I can make sure no karma slaps you back in the face as I will appreciate it. - Max
  10. Max

    Forum Compromised

    Right... Max Here. David, I suggest you check your e-mail as my employer can not allow this to happen to me and he will defend me in any way possible. To explain this the "Thank me Later Taylor" was as thank me later for the explanation of why the forum was down. Now, my employer and my close friends consider this as slander and I am not up for it. The questioning of the legality of the forum was because it was outdated and my curiousity had taken over. You are coming to too many conclusions and making way to many assumptions here that are just not right. This could also set a bad name for VAOS but I don't think so, I have no involvement in it what so ever except for beta testing. The Max that posts at VAOS you ask? Not me. I did not EVER expect an event like this to occur involving you or the phpVMS forums. You have set me a bad name for the entire phpVMS community, and I won't stand for it. I'd call it defamation of reputation. I realise coming out here is completely unprofessional, but I need to get my point across. I also have a lot more to say, but just check your e-mail. In less than 24 hours i've lost valuable clients and money thanks to this. Best Of Luck, - Max Also this comment was quite hurtful... I think you should check those dots. I don't think the correct picture is emerging...
  11. There is not a possible way to merge the two skins. But! demoVA is coming soon! It uses a home page template along with CrewCenter, check the github out here and have a read through the readme.md: https://github.com/XiRealizeX/demoVA_CrewCenter_v1_phpVMS_PHP
  12. Hey, I am making a new template to go perfectly with Mark Swan's CrewCenter! Stay updated on the github page. https://github.com/X...r_v1_phpVMS_PHP You guys will really love this! I plan to make skins of demoVA up to v5. The Current one will be v1. It will come with a phpVMS installer (for new VAs [both .PHP & .tpl]). But the first one I will release will be the .PHP version (phpVMS 5.5.x). Have a read through the readme.md file on github. I'll keep you posted and when everything is released I will post a new thread in the "Releases" section of this forum! ---------------------- I offer phpVMS web design along with CrewCenter for competitive prices! Check out two of my latest sites, - www.kiwijet.net.nz - www.nxgair.tk I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Cheers, - Max.
  13. Max

    Login Redirect Issue

    Your VA website does not seem to be up anymore. Do you still need help with this?
  14. All of our packages include: 20x faster SSD drives Fully featured cPanel Softaculous 1-click App Installer (Over 250+ applications including WordPress, phpBB and Moodle) User configurable php version control (5.2+) through an easy PHP version selector in cPanel On Demand Support MySQL Databases + phpMyAdmin Advanced email management with optional Google Apps integration In-depth metrics, system statistics & visitor information IP blocker, hotlink and leech protection, and Mod Security WAF Easy on-demand full website backup Plus many more utilities... We also offer free phpVMS installation on registration. We will install the latest stable release of phpVMS for you onto your server, free of charge. Just tick the 'Free phpVMS Installation' add-on when you purchase one of our packages. We provide support when you need it and our team will be more than happy to assist you! SPECIAL OFFER! Redeem code PHPVMS25OFF at checkout with our Premium or Ultimate package to get 25% off your first order! Visit www.ImmersionHost.com for more information. Just use the live chat or visit our knowledgebase. Or feel free to ask questions below!
  15. Sign up to Immersion host and we will install phpVMS for you once your domain is propagated! 20x Faster SSD Hosting means faster loading times!