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Deleting Pilots and Aircraft


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I'd like the ability to be able to delete things instead of just disabling them.

Delete Pilots: I know you can delete pilots already but it also removes all their PIREPs.  I'd like the ability to delete the pilot but an option to keep all their data.

Delete Aircraft:  It would be nice to be able to delete aircraft that are no longer in service.  I know that PIREPs are tied to the aircraft but if there is a way to change the PIREPs to use a "dummy" entry so we can remove the aircraft.  My hanger has over 100 disabled aircraft and I'd love to delete and keep it clean.

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I have implemented a soft delete on almost all fields in the system. The deleted item will essentially "disappear" from any listings but will still be in place for anything tied to it, ie PIREPs. There is also a management section for a super admin to review and soft deletes and either leave them there for use in the background or to truly delete the item. If an item is deleted anything tied to it will simply respond as "unknown" in the field that was attached.

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