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  1. Thanks guys. I'll look into both of those options.
  2. Is it possible for two VA's to share the same pilot table but nothing else? For example, I have VA "A" with 20 pilots and I want to create a new VA "B". I want the pilots from VA "A" to be able to login to VA "B" using the same pilotID and password they have in VA "A".. Other then the same pilot ID and password I want them the be completely separate. I'm basically wanting signal sign on between the two VA's. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys - that worked. I got close to the above command but just not close enough. :-)
  4. Great job! I'll be getting this one shortly!
  5. I'm wanting to add the Pilot Hub of the Pilot to the email that staff get when a pilot submits a PIREP. I have located the email code in PIREPData.class.php but I'm not sure how to get the hub info to show up. I've tried several different things but my lack of PHP and database knowledge is definitely showing here. :-) Any help would be appreciated. # Send an email to the admin that a PIREP was submitted $sub = "A PIREP has been submitted by - {$pilotcode} ({$pirepdata['depicao']} - {$pirepdata['arricao']})"; $message = "A PIREP has been submitted by {$pilotcode} " ."({$pilotinfo->firstname} {$pilotinfo->lastname})\n\n" ."{$pirepdata['code']}{$pirepdata['flightnum']}: {$pirepdata['depicao']} to {$pirepdata['arricao']}\n" ."Aircraft: {$pirepdata['aircraft']}\n" . "Flight Time: {$pirepdata['flighttime']}\n" ."Landing Rate: {$pirepdata['landingrate']}\n"."Filed using: {$pirepdata['source']}\n\n" ."Comment: {$comment}\n\n";
  6. Wow - I really like that idea. I'm definitely interesting in this for my VA.
  7. I haven't tried this myself but it "should" work. Make a copy of your DB just in case before you start. 1. Open up phpvms_pilots and record your account ID# under the pilotid column 2. Open up phpvms_groupmembers 3. Create a new row by copying another row. id = Use the next available # ( you should be able to leave this blank) groupid = 1 pilotid = your pilot id from step 1 Good luck!
  8. We all can agree that HTTP is not secure and anytime you login your username and password is sent in clear text. There have been several people try to add SSL to PHPVMS but have had alots of issues. I'm not sure what can be done to make SSL easier to use in the next gen version of PHPVMS but I an for it. I would go SSL if I could.
  9. I'd like the ability to be able to delete things instead of just disabling them. Delete Pilots: I know you can delete pilots already but it also removes all their PIREPs. I'd like the ability to delete the pilot but an option to keep all their data. Delete Aircraft: It would be nice to be able to delete aircraft that are no longer in service. I know that PIREPs are tied to the aircraft but if there is a way to change the PIREPs to use a "dummy" entry so we can remove the aircraft. My hanger has over 100 disabled aircraft and I'd love to delete and keep it clean.
  10. Do you have access to the database?
  11. That site is coming up for me. You may have tried to get to it when they released their new Boeing 717 aircraft. It brought down their website for a bit.
  12. I do the same thing for my VA. The file you need to edit is called email_registrationaccepted.php or tpl depending on which version of PHPMVS you are using. You can find it in core/templates/ and then you can copy it to the /lib/skins/YOURSKIN/ folder.
  13. TennShadow

    FSUIPC error 12

    This mean that kACARS has to be running as an administrator in order to function correctly. I suggest a couple things when using kACARS. 1. DO NOT install in the Program Files directory. I'd install somewhere like C:\kACARS. 2. Go to the folder where you installed kACARS and then right-click on the kACARS.exe file. Select Properties, then the Compatibility tab. Then select the check box in Run this program as an administrator.
  14. It is possible but it will take some work. I just did this myself and it took a bit of time. I would recommend creating a test / dev site and doing all your changes there because you will run into errors along the way. There are a lot of VA owners that have moved over so just about every error you'll get has been discussed here on the forums. Good luck!
  15. Here you go. http://prntscr.com/djkqzh
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