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Can anyone tell me if the templates I have created for the 5.5 version will work in the new upcoming phpvms3?

Is there also a release date set. I want to wait opening my va till we have moved over to this version?

Also I can help testing the system on a clean and empty space.


Kindly regards.


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The same concept is being used - a global header and footer file with individual pages injected depending on the module/function. There are also options to inject extra pieces of code in the header and footer where needed, ie: a maps page requiring map scripts. This avoids having to load the script on every page load.

Simple answer, no they are not going to be exactly the same, there will be some adaptation needed. If you have the ability to build or convert an html template for use in phpVMS2 you should have no problem making the transition.

I will say one thing - the default template is based completely on bootstrap 3 without any modifications so if you are building a template based on that, it would most likely be easier to make the transition.

As far as if you should wait to open your site that I can not answer. I would love to say that it would be out in BETA form tomorrow but unfortunately I can not devote all my time to it.

For helping, what I need most right now is some sites willing to set their current site to forward ACARs data to my test instance as that is what I am working on right now and without live data coming it is tough to get a true sense of where things stand. I am currently mirroring vACA to it without issue using kACARS Free, xACARS, and ACAcars (customized kacars version) without much issue.

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Thank you for your answer. 

I can link my acars data to you. That is no problem.

Currently I am in the position that I can convert bootstrap 3 templates from html to phpvms. But I do use the tutorial given on this forum for it. I do modified css scripts so it can be used in a better way.

PM me about the acars. Than we can get that working.


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