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  1. ncd200

    Airport look up don't work

    well, it is still possible, even better then it was with VACentral. Take a look here: Rick
  2. ncd200

    Google Maps Conversion

    Hello, I have managed to convert to the openmap, the only thing i cant manage is to convert the flown_routes map. Is there anyone that can share the code for that? Rick
  3. ncd200

    Simple InstantWeather Module

    negative sir. any other ideas?
  4. ncd200

    Simple InstantWeather Module

    Thanks for the answer. The module works as intended only no in a wdget from the frontpage. what i am trying to do is to view the weather module from the frontpager_main in a section special for the weather.
  5. ncd200

    Simple InstantWeather Module

    yes, I have now the following: Only where do I give the current location to work with for this module? Thanks allready for the help! Rick
  6. ncd200

    Simple InstantWeather Module

    Hello, first of all thank you for this module. I have the following problem, I want to show this tabel with decoded weather in a widget on the frontpage. How can I achieve this? is this possible with a main controller? Rick
  7. Hello. I am planning and designing a new VA based on helicopters and smaller aircraft. Are there people here interested in helping and maybe have some good ideas for operations? At this moment I am planning on serving the oil platforms in the north sea. But I need some experience in Alaska and Canada. Kind regards. Rick
  8. ncd200

    Destinations Module

    Hello, Does anyone maybe have the destinations module released by Zumeweb? It is offline and I cant found it anymore. Rick
  9. Thanks, I have installed it but it wont work at my place. keeps saying that it is fetching.
  10. ncd200

    Pilot List

    You must link the menu item to your pilot list, something like this <li><a href="<?php echo url('/pilots'); ?>">Crew Roster</a></li>
  11. ncd200

    New module needed

    Thanks. Did not know that one. I have made the choice to let the va choose which news they want to forward to the site. Then we manual.add that. Consider this solved. Rick
  12. ncd200

    New module needed

    Hello. I hope someone can help me making a module that sends acars and news to a site. We are in the progress creating a new alliance so we need to have all live flights and news from the joined va's to one site. Does anyone know if this is possible and how much will it cost me? Rick
  13. ncd200

    [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    yes, i did
  14. ncd200

    [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    Also then i am redirected to the page where i need to pay
  15. ncd200

    [Free] FlightAware Schedule Puller

    but it is not free as you sugegsted? When I open the lin k you provided i must fill in a form with creditcard information to buy the key. Rick