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  1. And where do I change it inside the config, is it this row?
  2. Hello, For some reason every flight i bid on with for example the A320 has allways the same amount of passengers. Is it possible to randomize the payload? Rick
  3. I dont think you can expect any help soon from him, I also have a lot modules so maybe i can help you.
  4. You have to look inside the css files. Sometimes you can see inside the layout wich color css is loaded. Then change that to another color
  5. Sorry. I meant to type option So the option to build an admin template
  6. My opinion is for the purple because the stisla looks to much at the alleady released crew center. but i like the oprion for an admin template
  7. rgr that, can i allready order it? And where do i place my order?
  8. How much will this cost? OR is there also a free version available, and if that is the case, what are the differences between the free and paid one?
  9. it raises more questions here. First of all, it looks amazing but what will be the difference between the free and paind version. Anyway, a very nice job!
  10. thanks, will try this when our new domain is set up much appreciated!
  11. Sorry to open an old topic, but is it also possible to show this on the public profile? It is showing but on all the pilots the same numbers
  12. VACentral is not returning again i think. But you can go to virtualairlines.net for the API. works way better in my opinion.
  13. Hello, Is it possible to show on the main and public profile which is the most favorite aircraft and hoiw many destinations are being served by this pilot? Thanks in advance, Rick
  14. No, I am just in the progress of starting a new va. I have operated a Jet Blue VA in the past.
  15. Hello Haru, As I may be so free to give you my personal opinion about this subject. Create your own template. There is a good tutorial available on the forum and it is really not hard to do. If you dont want to do this I recommend ELA2018 Admin template also available on the forum. If you need help just give me a pm
  16. Well, at this moment I have a very different template totaly customized but I thought the ws modified of the ELA2018 template. which you can doenload here: https://github.com/carlosmfreitas2409/ElaSkin-2.0 Thanks for the compliment thought;)
  17. well, UI think there should be a way, I would like to know this also. Keep me informed about the state of your project please. Rick
  18. never seen this problem, best is to switch over to openmaps as described here on the forum. is also more customizable.
  19. I dont know the module from the inside, but maybe a cronjob you need to add? other then that i have no idea.
  20. what exactly do you want, if you can give me more details i maybe can help you
  21. crazycreatives has a good module for points. You can find it here: https://www.crazycreatives.com/downloads/premium-miles/
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