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Hello People,

My name is Aaryan Kapoor and I am a phpVMS Developer.

I provide Sleek, Modern & Responsive Crew Centers. Plus I provide an attractive Website. My latest work you can see in attached image.

If you  do make a mind to start a Virtual Airline, please do contact me via PM. We can discuss pricing there. Small negotiations are welcome :)

My Email: me@myselfaaryan.com

Website: myselfaaryan.com

Facebook: facebook.com/myselfaaryankapoor



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I am back with my services. I am now all settled in my new place and ready to code. Sorry for those whom I ignored or didn't reply.

You can email me at hi@myselfaaryan.com or visit myselfaaryan.com or message me on facebook at https://facebook.com/myselfaaryankapoor

I have also now added branding and advertising for virtual airlines :)



Aaryan Kapoor

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Hey Guys,

iCrew Classic is available for $60 with modules and all inclusive price. Please PM or email me at myself.aaryankapoor@gmail.com



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