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  1. that sucks cause it looks really clean and professional
  2. I have an issue with this module. I submitted a ticket almost a week ago. Its an issue with the cron job anyone able to help?
  3. im using iCrew so how would i get to display the pilots for a certain hub on the front end site? thanks
  4. How would I get the pilot roster for a hub displayed on a front end page? Thanks
  5. SmarticleCo


    is this available for download?
  6. I have been waiting for 5 months to get access to the forums with no luck. They don't respond to emails either. It's like the company just up and went out of business
  7. How would I go about doing that. I tried to follow the guide on the SimBrief forums but it only added the remarks to the ofp and not the vpilot download. Thanks
  8. Is this company still in business. I have an issue with my auto Award System and sent a ticket in a week ago with no response.
  9. ive read through the api a dozen times but i cant figure out how to add custom remarks so that way when a user downloads a vpilot file or stuff like that when they file a flight plan with vatsim in the remarks it will show our va website any help would be much appreciated
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