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  1. Hi Sir, I have only developed iCrew v3. iCrew v4 is a property of iCrew Systems. You can contact Leo on that behalf. @LeonardIGO4036
  2. Hi All :)! I am offering services for Skinning phpVMS 7. I am already well versed with laravel and blade files, and it won't take just a long time. Crew Centers / Dashboards Frontends State of the art UX/UI in the box & some modules such as route finder (with latest airac) & Flight Briefing. Email Me or DM me if interested. myself.aaryankapoor@gmail.com Sincerely Aaryan Kapoor
  3. That's your answer right there.
  4. By including Modules, I mean to customize the template files of modules what people have. I do not sell or give away any payware modules. And Mr. Whatever Monkey. Please double read the post. I am not that illiterate, not knowing it is illegal to sell payware modules. I am a Web Developer myself, a Co Founder of a LLP Company. I know how hard it is to code. I realise the rights and respect every Developer committed to the VA industry. It is hard to code. Why would I sell payware modules coded by other developers? I am not a fraud or anything. Nabeel and Davi
  5. Hello Guys I am restarting my Freelancing Services after a long time.. These services include full custom Modules, [Including Route Finder with Latest Airac], Customised Crew Centers, & Customised Front Ends. Hold me up via PM or email me to myself.aaryankapoor@gmail.com Do Consider Sincerely, Aaryan Kapoor Freelance Web Develeoper
  6. SALE SALE SALE!!! Hey Guys, iCrew Classic is available for $60 with modules and all inclusive price. Please PM or email me at myself.aaryankapoor@gmail.com
  7. SALE SALE SALE!!! Hey Guys. iCrew Classic is on Sale. $60, with modules & all inclusive cost. PM or email at myself.aaryankapoor@gmail.com for Quote
  8. What is your php Version? Set it to 5.5
  9. Howdy! So I was actually going through the Forums... Went through some posts discussing about SSL Certificates for phpVMS. You don't actually need any Module to force SSL. Just need to edit some lines of Codes So I'll tell you how to use phpVMS 5.5.x with SSL so that your Login Data is Secured. Please NOTE I have divided this Tutorial into two Parts, One for New Installers and another for the who are already using phpVMS. FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE INSTALLING PHPVMS FOR THE FIRST TIME 1) Install SSL on Domain (First Things First) 2) Install phpVMS in root, subfolde
  10. U need to trigger a foreach($bids as $bid) Use the variables used in used in schedule_bids.php
  11. I would suggest setting folder permissions to 777 and use only jpg or png pics
  12. Hmmm I see What host are u using?
  13. Hi Shaun. Do you get any errors when u hit send email? Or have you checked spam emails?
  14. Yup. Reinstall Works. Go for it.
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