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Which version of phpVMS are you using - 2.1.x or 5.5.2? Listed the version number is much more helpful than saying it's the latest version.

From the image it looks like you are using the PIREP Auto Accept module. If so, are you using version 1 or version 2 of this module? In admin/templates/PirepAutoAccept do the file names end in tpl or php?

You may want to have a look through this post: 


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Ok, good, you're using 5.5.2

Do the PirepAutoAccept files in the template folder end in tpl or php? I'm betting tpl. In any case, change the file extension for all files in the template folder to php. Then, in the PirepAutoAccept.php file in the modules folder, find and replace any file reference of tpl to php and save the file.

Let us know if that fixes the issue for you.

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