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  1. Thanks all for replying it turns out to be hosting providers problem. They gave me a solution to edit some files
  2. Checked all spam no errors, its as though they it has been sent but no one receives them. I'm using the default PHPVMS email pilot system no add ons
  3. Hi Seretas No and I don't receive to notify of pirep submitted either. No work has been done as I have been on vacation. So unsure what has happened.
  4. Is anyone else having issues with the PHPVMS 5.5.2 "Email all Pilot" email system ? I have 2 sites and both are letting me construct and send an email but not posting to members ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Just installed and changed the TPL to PHP for the newer version of VMS. On user interface I get the following message but cant find what I need to change. Anyone help please. Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/iagvirtu/public_html/core/templates/randomsearch.php on line 12
  6. Could I request that the system is coded to accept the lowest Pilot ID on registration, even if the ID was once in use but pilot has since left. Thanks
  7. Hi, is there a code snippet available for the following, a pilot joins and receives BBB002 then leaves another pilot joins, they are given BBB003 by the system, instead of the lowest available number. thanks in advance
  8. shaun105

    admin error

    Many thanks SOLVED it was the references to TPL in the PirepAutoAccept.php I hadn't done Thanks for your support
  9. shaun105

    admin error

    Sorry I'm using 5.5.2 phpvms its the auto pirep accept and I used Version 2 of the downloads
  10. shaun105

    admin error

    could someone explain what I am doing wrong here please I'm using latest version of VMS. Thaks in advance
  11. Cheers Daniel thats done it,,,,great job. Sorry for the delay in getting back
  12. Followed the readme and still cant make it work
  13. Hi I am having an error message once installed. Im using latest PHP VMS It shows in admin side and front can you advise please Notice: The template file "/home/aerlingu/public_html/core/templates/Codeshare.php" doesn't exist in /home/aerlingu/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 231
  14. Many thanks for your help in installing the PM. I will look at updating phpvms soon once i pluck up the courage. On the pilot manager interface it states that = Pilot has not filed any reports in 3 days. If my memory serves me right I had my cfg set to 42 days and on checking it is still 42. I thought that was where you change it for this mod ?
  15. Thats weird just checked all files and its showing correct .php even reinstalled again still the same. The file the error is pointing to is php not php.tpl file any ideas?
  16. Notice: The template file "/home/aerlingu/public_html//admin/templates//pm/pilot_manager.php.tpl" doesn't exist in /home/aerlingu/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248 Is it something wrong i have done ?
  17. Superb work Parkho. Just the ticket
  18. It was staring me in the face thanks <?php $year = date("Y"); $month = date("m"); $pilot = TopPilotData::top_pilot_hours($month, $year, 5); echo '<table>'; foreach ($pilot as $top) { $pilot = PilotData::GetPilotData($top->pilot_id); echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>'.$pilot->firstname.' '.$pilot->lastname.' - '.PilotData::GetPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid).'</td>'; echo '<td width="10%"><td>'.$top->hours.'</td>'; echo '</tr>'; } echo '</table>'; ?>
  19. I appreciate that and the help. Website is already built i am just tuning it a bit. I am not a webmaster with PHP I will try yo sort myself
  20. Yeah thanks for the pointer and the attitude. Is this a support forum ? Some of us not as clued up with codes ect. Please accept my plate for any further issues.
  21. One more ref the code above that is for the previous month pilot hours total. What would be the code for showing the present month please.
  22. Thanks again done the job for me
  23. I have top 5 pilots on home page, however the callsign and total hours show like this ... callsign is EIN1234 and the hours are 67 there isnt a space. Could you tell me how to do this. I have added the code below. Thanks in advance. EN123467 <?php $year = date("Y"); $month = date("m")-1; if($month == 0) { //If it's january, previous month is december. $month = 12; $year -= 1; } $pilot = TopPilotData::top_pilot_hours($month, $year, 5); echo '<table>'; foreach ($pilot as $top) { $pilot = PilotData::GetPilotData($top->pilot_id); echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>'.$pilot->firstname.' '.$pilot->lastname.' - '.PilotData::GetPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid).'</td>'; echo '<td>'.$top->hours.'</td>'; echo '</tr>'; } echo '</table>'; ?> </div>
  24. Great just what i was looking for and its done the trick . Many thanks for your great support
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