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Also looking for website and phpvms builder

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Im all confused about this and how to host it all and manage it to make it decent so im looking for someone who can help me manage and build my VA "Eagle Air". You will be a permanent staff member if you want to take it on.


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I would be more then willing to help you with getting started. I have some questions obviously for you before anything is concluded. Just some basic questions of course. Let me know if your still interested in some help, I've included some links to some "Customized Web Sites", I've created with phpvms from the ground up. These are built from the ground up from scratch. Long story short, phpvms once figured out, is pretty much unlimited with skinning. As the old story goes, you have to have the right tools to build your house !

I've been a Web Master for a long time, and actually have a business on the side building sites for mostly local clients. HTML, HTML5, php, and more...... I look forward to chatting with you, as one VA to another, we are all brothers in this VA world. Thanks for your time, let me know.

Jim Lyman







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