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  1. Heritage1

    Spam messages

    Yeh, I was wondering the same thing myself Vangelis, its getting really bad lately. More then usual. Looks like no one is Moderating the Forum, or there are some settings missing on preventing this. Its starting to get way out of control lately. Best regards buddy, ain't seen ya in awhile, hope all is good with you !!! Jim
  2. Heritage1

    Dedicated Freighters

    I agree TAV, I operate a Military Site, which is strictly Cargo for obvious reasons, lol....but it works well for us, Great thinking beyond the box thunder. Me, I love the old stuff, if it works then why mess with it is my motto , lol Jimbo
  3. Heritage VA & Seairtransport has done it once again, hmmmm, 

    Seairtransport has a new Military OPS, which includes the infamous Tac Pac, everything has been tested, Carriers are fueled up, and all systems are a GO !  



  4. Welcome Ron, Glad to see a fresh new start and face. Hope everything goes well for you. Just wanted to poke you a Warm Welcome, and hope to see ya in duh Air !!!1
  5. Heritage1

    Registration Form

    If anyone is using the recaptcha default in the /core/app.config.php file, It doesn't WORK , never has since at least 5 years ago. No OFFENSE, the recaptcha key is in the app.config.php file mate, not the local.config.php file. Google offers Free keys for this, and still is, however I also have the Registration file in the core/modules/Registration.php, which I created a long time ago, it bypasses the recaptcha key all together. This One file has calls on Lines 168 to line 193 that calls the server for the key. Remark it out, but don't delete it, below are examples of before and after. WARNING! ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR FILES ! Do remember that you are wide open without any protection without it, this will buy you some time until you get it fixed and put in your own recaptcha key. Just also so you know, you have two files you have to enter your recaptcha keys to, one is the app.config.php file and the other is the actual registration form for the site which lives in the /templates folder, its called; registration_mainform.php , this also is actually the one that sends the actual form, I have actually entered the recaptcha key in this one file, without changing the app.config.php file, and it still worked, however change both with your new key when you get it, and you will be good to go forever, just don't lose your 2 keys. First file the core/modules/Registration.php this is the Original file you have........ /* * Process all the registration data */ protected function VerifyData() { $error = false; //Google reCaptcha //updated to Google noCaptcha 1/15 $resp = null; $reCaptcha = new ReCaptcha(RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY); // Was there a reCAPTCHA response? if ($_POST["g-recaptcha-response"]) { $resp = $reCaptcha->verifyResponse( $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], $_POST["g-recaptcha-response"] ); } //check if reCaptcha response was valid if ($resp == null) { $error = true; $this->set('captcha_error', 'reCaptcha Validation Error'); } //end Google reCaptcha /* Check the firstname and last name */ This is the second file with the changes I've made, again this bypassess the complete recaptcha system, still remark out the actual /templates/registration_mainform.php file where the recaptcha key lives you can't miss it, its down at the bottom before the submit button script............here.......your changes to make, pay attention to where these live on the lines...... /* * Process all the registration data */ protected function VerifyData() { $error = false; /* Check the firstname and last name */ if($this->post->firstname == '') { $error = true; $this->set('firstname_error', true); } else { $this->set('firstname_error', ''); } /* Check the last name */ if($this->post->lastname == '') { $error = true; $this->set('lastname_error', true); } else { $this->set('lastname_error', ''); } You will see around lines 168 to 173 that its gone, compare the both with a editor that has line numbers, not note pad ConText Editor is freeware, great for quick edits of scripts. I use Adobe DreamWeaver which is not freeware. Note pad does work, but has no number lines obviously. Let me know if this helps, but make a copy of all original files you will be messing with first so Your Safe and poke me anytime with questions etc........ hope this helps, if your unsure about this, then please get someone to help you, I would really be bummed out if you messed this up. Thanks. Happy Holidays !! Jim
  6. Heritage1

    Authorization Logged In or Guest

    Sorry about that, wasn't thinking, I'm bad, won't happen again 😁
  7. Heritage1

    Authorization Logged In or Guest

    Thanks for sharing that, for those who are using PHPVMS 5.x.xx, here is a simple code to view your members online; <?php $usersonline = StatsData::UsersOnline(); foreach($usersonline as $pilot) { echo "{$pilot->firstname} {$pilot->lastname}-{$pilot->rank}-{$pilot->location}<br />"; } ?> This gives, 3 total viewing options, you may of course weed it down to your choices.
  8. Heritage1

    Showing & Hiding Menu items by login

    ur welcome, sorry couldn't be better help to you, as I'm running the older phpvms 5.x.xx , however if I can help in the future, just poke me, I am in and out of here often take care, Jim
  9. Heritage1

    Showing & Hiding Menu items by login

    Ahhh, yes your right, didn't know you were running version 7, I'll get back to you on that one, got a few friends around duh boards here, let me see if I can find you and answer. Jim
  10. Heritage1

    Google Maps Conversion

    Sorry about the delay on your post, I have seen this many times before, question, is your map on the frontpage_main.php file or the layout.php file ? This makes a difference. I'm sure I can help you out, and again sorry about the delay on the post here.......let me know. Jim
  11. Heritage1

    Showing & Hiding Menu items by login

    Thats great, however for future reference you can protect anything on the site with this simple very short script. For normal members permissions; <?php if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { ?> <!-- your content here etc...... --> <?php } ?> For Admin and staff permissions; <?php if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { if(PilotGroups::group_has_perm(Auth::$usergroups, ACCESS_ADMIN)) { ?> <!-- your content here etc. --> <?php } }?> I use this everywhere I don't want Guests to view any member modules, maps, and/or Pilot Tools, including menus. Hope this helps for the future. Jim
  12. Heritage1

    The New Boarding Pass at Air India Virtual

    For those interested, and its open to anyone, here is another view with a little something different, WXR Instant Live weather for the Boarding pass Departure and Arrival Airports instantly, From NOAA of course......... here's duh link to view them.......... http://seairtransport.net/crewcenter/index.php/Screenshots And the ideas keep flowing around here.........😁
  13. Heritage1

    Live Map Problems after PHP Update

    Question, what version of PHPVMS install did you use first off...??? Send me a message in here, if you don't mind, or you can contact me on our Web Site, http://seairtransport.net/crewcenter There are a ton of contact areas there. Thanks. let me know maybe I can help you out with that, I think I know what the issue is already. Jim
  14. Seairtransport VA is owned and operated by Heritage VA & Co. We are looking for Staff, and Pilots. Our restrictions are actually very very little, Just Fly, and fly to and from where ever you want. We've been around for a very long time, and realize people have whats called live's. Well, so do I actually. lol. Come visit us, we offer seaplane routes, major hub routes, long hauls, short hauls and the ability to make your own routes through our vast Charter ops , or our Cargo - Executive Ops. Our only 2 limitations are simple, 2 flights a month, and landing rates under -460, we'd prefer around -300 or lower of course. But we give. Thanks to all here in the forums, I've met many friends here, we look forward to our new look, and our new systems with today's new internet experience. Our link is below, so we hope to see even some guests, http://seairtransport.net/crewcenter Thank you, Jim L. Owner - CEO - Founder
  15. Heritage1

    Airport look up don't work

    I have just uploaded a lat/long little map system that I run Strictly off my Desktop with my default browser, I have been using this a long time for odd ball Airports as we run a LOT of seaplane bases, this map is a Must for me for obvious reasons, Run this off your Desktop only, however if you have An API key from Google, then you can pretty much embed it with some script work on your Web Site. Below is the link to download it, enjoy. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q4heemsq4vxnf5z/gOOgLeiT.html/file