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  1. Heritage1


    Interesting, I wonder why then 2 different servers, "Full Blown" of course refuse without errors that module? Strange, I'll have to check into that, thanks @shakamonkey88. Will check that one out for sure.
  2. Heritage1


    Exam center just so you know will NOT work with any version of a Server php.ini over 5.3.xx, period................ Been there done it. sorry.
  3. My obvious question first and foremost would be, How much experience to you have in any Database "MySqL" structures and how they operate with tables? As this is seriously an advanced feature, but it can be done if you know what your doing. Also, if your running a Server with limited features such as the semi-free one's out there, then don't bother, sorry but it won't work. Databases on a Paid Server however, do allow the import of tables via/ *.csv files. This also is complicated but it also allows specific tables to be imported instead of importing an entire SQL database. On your ph
  4. Congrats !! Been busy STILL shoveling all this Snow....arrggghhh, and again, very very nice web site. I can tell a lot of work went into it for sure. See ya in duh Air ! Jim
  5. Have you recently cleaned your cookies on your Browser? What version of phpvms are you running also?
  6. Very sad by the way, I hope that you are ok Ron S. As your site is completely down and has been for some time now. I would appreciate it as to why it is down. As I have put countless hours into your Skin per/order of "EXACTLY what you wanted. And again, I hope everything is ok with you. Thanks in advance. Jim L.
  7. I did get your message, I have an idea, I'll try in the very near future phpvms 5.5.xx with 7.2 and see what happens and what doesn't. I just need a little time to backup all of my php versions of scripting attached to my CGI system first. A few days should do it. I'm curious as I did have it working Once, but had issues of course with older modules etc.....There has to be a way with some hard core scripting I'm sure to get it to fly with 5.5.xx. After I download the php.ini file from my server, I will let you know and I'll give it another shot. My hosting company is very flexible in the CP,
  8. Well put thunder175, however , lets point him to the right files for sure....... In your /core ......folder, no where else are 2 files, app.config.php & local.config.php. These 2 files control exactly the base for lbs and kgs. as thunder has mentioned, you will the settings for these settings, First file the app.config.php file here is my example in code, NOTE the lines kg and lbs..... # Units settings # These are global, also used for FSPAX Config::Set('WeightUnit', '1'); # 0=Kg 1=lbs Config::Set('DistanceUnit', '2'); # 0=KM 1= Miles 2=NMiles Config::Set('SpeedUnit', '1'); #
  9. Heritage1


    Not to interupt, but your running a newer version of php.ini file, which more then likely is newer then 5.3.xx, more then likely your version of php on your server is at least 5.5.xx, vaForums will NOT work with any version of php over 5.3.xx, period, many older modules do not work with the newer versions of php either. There is a fix for this, but its a hassle to say the least. If you can change your php version down to 5.3.xx this would solve all of your problems. Your other option is to enter in the Modules, (advanced) in some cases, this; public function to , public static function..
  10. As mentioned above, the recaptcha key needs to go into the local.config.php file, but ALSO the Registration Form File, it will not work without changing the script you get from google in your Google account that points to the recaptcha key, period.........examples below; The file registraion_mainform.php also "NEEDS" this to be changed, this file lives in the core/templates , folder of your server.......This must match of course the key you put into the local.config.php file. Go towards the very bottom of the registration_mainform.php file, you will find the below example.........ex
  11. Heritage1


    First and fore most, what exactly is your Server setup, meaning, is it a Free Hosting company or is it a REAL hosting plan?? This matters in a Major way. Second, What is your PHP Version you are running on your Server? I did look at your site, and for you to use ANY OLD modules, your php version MUST be 5.3.xx, Anything else as far as some older modules will not work. Some do, and some do not. Jim
  12. Any Luck with that yet ? Let me know, Jim L.
  13. A warm Welcome to someone new, its always nice to see a new face, and your Web Site looks Super , nice job for sure ! And congrads, on VATSIM for sure. Feel free to stop by and poke me anytime on our Web Site with any questions etc., from one VA to the Other, we all are after the Same thing 😃 http://seairtransport.net Jim L. Owner/President of Heritage VA & Seairtransport VA
  14. Just let me know I'm ready, Servers wide open ! That makes 3, lol. I think. Jimbo
  15. Yeh, I was wondering the same thing myself Vangelis, its getting really bad lately. More then usual. Looks like no one is Moderating the Forum, or there are some settings missing on preventing this. Its starting to get way out of control lately. Best regards buddy, ain't seen ya in awhile, hope all is good with you !!! Jim
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