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  1. Heritage1

    Flight Map Home page

    Poke me, I can Help you for sure, on my home page I went to extremes with whats called an accordian fold out for my flight maps, check it out if you'd like. Also most people use the frontpage_main.php file for showing flight maps, however there really is no need to do this, it will all fit in the layout.php file for sure. The choice of course is yours. I am a Web Master, and would be more then happy to help. You will find also even as a guest, many contact forms on the menu systems, feel free to use them of course. Let me know. The link to my site: http://seairtransport.net/crewcenter Jim Owner of Seairtransport & Heritage VA
  2. Heritage1

    kACARS Free v1.0.1.5

    Problem Solved, thanks in advance ! Jim
  3. Heritage1

    What PHP Version Do I Have?

    On a quick note SportPilot, I to am using iPage for hosting, and love them, First started with Heritage VA 11 years ago with them, now running Seairtransport VA. They are completely 100% unlimited if using the Essential Package through them, which I am using. The price is right, and the uptime is almost 100% with them. Moral of the story, you can change the PHP version through the Control Panel also. (file: php.ini). I use a lot of the older Modules for my site, so I am running php version 5.3.xx. You made a very very good choice for a hosting company, good luck, and poke me if you want some help anytime. Jim
  4. That should be working hands down, including "All" menu items in the Admin panel, it sounds like to me a bad install, what version of PHP are you running also ? This makes a big difference how the older 5.5.x versions run. You might consider re-installing phpvms.
  5. Heritage1

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

    I figured thats what it was, sometimes the tiny little hiccups cause some big time headaches, glad things worked out for you Jim
  6. Heritage1

    Google Maps Conversion

    Very Nice screen shots, thanks for sharing ! Jim
  7. Heritage1

    Google Maps Conversion

    I finally got all of our maps converted and fixed to Leaflet maps. WOW is all I've got to say, what a pain in the butt that was. The only map I could NOT get to work and converted was the Module we bought from CrazyCreative, Connections map. Sadly the way its programmed after looking at it, its more work then I want to get involved with at this moment. However, that was the ONLY map we lost, thank goodness, I am also very very happy with the look and speed, and the short scripting with Leaflet. Thank You Leaflet, and Nabeel for the heads up with the scripting also. Its amazing how much money one can spend in Modules over the course of the years. I just wonder how many peeps are really mad right now that own a business system with their maps. Ouch ! In closing, we actually Love the new maps, far better for sure, its sad that everyone has to go through all of this, and I feel sad for those who know NOTHING about scripting and php, you've got your work cut out for you for sure. Here is the Link Locke to our site, poke around by all means, most everything is open, if you see something you can't get into, poke me via the web site, I'll set you up for a look around if you want, we are all brothers in phpvms, and I have no problem sharing anything I have for phpvms. http://searitransport.net/crewcenter Jim
  8. Heritage1

    Google Maps Conversion

    Man oh Man do I owe you big time for this one, I've been worried about Googles changes and our site. WOW, THANK YOU so so so much for this, will let ya know how it works on our site. I have been messing around with Great Circle and MapQuest trying to figure out a way to convert. Your a life save, I still can't believe what google pulled, wow. Thanks ! And if any donations are needed, please by all means let me know, This is what makes our community so Great ! Jim
  9. Heritage1

    ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key

    Just a quick note on the above error message; allow_url_fopen=0 This lives in the Server php.ini file, its about half way down the *.ini file, fopen should equal "1", NOT zero. Be very careful when editing the Server php.ini file, make sure you copy and paste into notepad first and save it so you know where it is. You can always paste the original back into the php.ini file of your Server. This error message is common, especially in the older versions of php, such as 5.3.xx to 5.6.xx. This is Not a big deal, its more annoying then anything else. But You should have the allow_url_fopen "Active" anyway, this will effect other software. PHPVMS needs this to be open, hope this helps you and let me know if you need a hand with this, this Is "Advanced". Jim
  10. Heritage1

    Schedules not adding

    Tipster for schedules, If you are running phpvms version 5.3.xx or higher, and have over roughly 5000 airports, this will instantly have a major effect on not only the speed (cut in half of site), but the Airport Table that is living in your phpvms install on your server. This is a small tweak that I think someone forgot to mention years ago. MySqL / database, or MySqLite etc., has for some reason, a hard time in one table with this. This can be avoided by copying in phpMyAdmin on the Server , the airport database to another table, by renaming of course the table. WARNING ! WARNING ! If you don't fully understand how tables work in that area, I HIGHLY recommend you don't mess with it, as you may find your self re-installing your whole system again, Adding another table removes the first table from bogging, you must set a limit also on the first table through the primary index, before you copy another table. Again, I can't stress enough that if you don't know or understand my above statements, please don't mess with it. Don't say I didn't warn you. On an easier note, try through phpmyadmin, optimizing your airport SQL tables first through the server, do this TWICE, there is a reason for 2 times. Exit phpmyadmin completely after doing so, restart your Browser completely, (another reason for this), go back into the ACP of your phpvms site, and try uploading only 10 schedules , make sure you have the airports already in your database of course, and let me know what happens here. Re-Optimizing in the ACP of your phpvms install only works to a point, this should always be done directly from your Server if you have access to it. Airports/Schedules again as mentioned, being linked to each other, (best I can do in English,lol), hiccup a lot with a LARGE Airport database structure, hench is why I run 3 tables a piece for schedules, and airports. Hope this helps Jimbo
  11. Heritage1

    Google API

    Seriously Google ??? Wow, think I'll go back to Opera and close Google account out completely, enough is enough, holy...........good idea on the Great Circle Map, forgot about that one, think I'll work on trying to convert as mentioned above, MapQuest. Always did like their maps anyway. I also got an email from google, wow..........unreal, see ya in duh air, I'll let ya know how I make out with the conversion for mapquest Nabeel, thanks Jim
  12. Heritage1

    Admin Dashboard Error

    Glad things worked out, I figured the tables were a little cluttered, Server Optimization usually works well, glad for ya buddy ! I dread the day I have to upgrade, arrrghhh, everything will change on my NICELY running phpvms, LOL, oh well. Can't understand why, if works, then why "MESS WITH IT" lol. Laterzzzz.,,,,, Jimbo
  13. Heritage1

    Admin Dashboard Error

    Database looks like is looking for the Older version of your php.ini file, for some strange reason. Ahhhhhh.......thats why I stick with php version 5.3.xx no headaches. Works great with all of the old modules to, sadly , I know its outdated. Oh well. For giggles, try looking or switching only if your SURE !! back to an older version of php on your Server, NOTE:::: ONLY IF YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR DOING BUDDY, I take NO responsibility for that what so ever!! ( just trying to help ya out ). Have you Optimized on the Server side your Database Tables also ? check that, do each table individual. Can't think of much more at the moment, will keep looking around for ya for sure, keep me posted , Not knowing much about what exactly your server specs., are, for now best I can do. Jimbo
  14. Heritage1

    Updated to V2 but Admin shows 2.1.938

    Yeh, I was curious Pete about that also, interesting, and thanks Pete for reminding me about the DB, forgot to mention one of the most important things, ooops, lol. Jim
  15. Heritage1

    Website down (solved)

    Ouch, was just there. Doesn't look good at all, sorry to say, you more then likely are better off with a re-install. Not sure without knowing all the details tpl or php version? And what version # of phpvms are you using if I may ask? Actually I have a lot of questions if your interested. Jim