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  1. I'm so glad it did, "GREAT" News , glad I could help you. Jim
  2. Sorry, I'm bad, you need to replace this; <td align="center"><?php echo Config::Get('MONEY_UNIT').$rank->payrate.'/hr'; ?></td> with This, in the pilot_main.php file; <td align="center"><?php echo Config::Get('MONEY_UNIT').$pilot->payrate.'/hr'; ?></td> I am using this and of course rearrange to your skin etc. This does work well. Sorry about the Error, dizzy Day LOL Jim
  3. Be careful with this next line of script, and on another note Pay Adjustment will Not bare any per/hr payrate, the only place to get this is in the Control Panel , Admin section of phpvms. However here is a script that should work for you, edit as you desire of course, the basic script is; <td align="center"><?php echo Config::Get('MONEY_UNIT').$rank->payrate.'/hr'; ?></td> This script is pulled from the yoursite.net/admin/templates/ranks_allranks.php , as mentioned this is the only place this lives in phpvms, hope this helps.
  4. I'll get that ready for you, give me a day or 2, thanks. @Quitz
  5. YW, sorry couldn't be more help to ya, keep the faith !!
  6. Looks right to me, actually it looks perfect. Screenshots that is, simple question, do You have the cACARS Module in the right area ?? If not, then this would explain why it can't find it. Should look something like this example; http://myserver.com/core/modules/cACARS_Free/cACARS_Free.php check to see if the actual Module is in the right place along with the actual file of course. If thats not there, then that is your issue. Your screen shot is exactly right, you have the back slash also, as mentioned before, without it it will not work. Hope this helps, I use cACARS faithfully and enjoy it very much. both phpvms 5.5.2 and phpvms works flawlessly.
  7. Yeh sorry, wrong area, I'm bad !! LOL. Thanks proavia. Have some great news by the way @ProAvia AirMail me, you know where to. And Merry Christmas by the way to "ALL" , hope your Holidays are Super, and everyone is Safe ! All my best wishes for everyone !! Jimbo !!!
  8. Hmmm, can't seem to get the simBrief to work or fly on my site for some strange reason. Any ideas @ProAvia ? Will try again, maybe I missed something. Used it many times elsewhere, not sure what I did wrong, @Heritage1 <---slapping forhead with cement block............Thanks in advance.
  9. Your very welcome, what I do as mentioned, is rely on the Charter OPS, Executive OPS, and other modules that have a set of tables all on their own, hence not relying on strictly the phpvms tables for airports. As mentioned by others also, you can create different sets of phpvms airports also which will allow you to mix and match on an import and export of sets of "example"; Major airports, small airports, and / or both mixed. This is very versatile and allows me each set of aiports "7000" MAX, to mix and match either each month or as I so desire. Allowing of course a variety of different avenues. There is really no easy way of doing this, it does take a lot of work, but in the long run it at least frees up the Database. Do remember that anytime you change your airports, and mix them up, just remember your Schedules that are already assigned in your phpvms schedules systems. I am working on figuring out a way to duplicate the main phpvms airport structures, thus allowing duplications of schedules without having to reload everything again and again. I also have created what we call at Heritage, a Pilot Route Request Form, which allows me first and foremost to give the Members the chance to get what they like into our system. The form is in PHP, and allows them in Order, to enter the Departure Airport and the Matching Arrival Airport they want, with a 20 Entry Level Limit. In layman terms, 20 sets of Routes. This has for sure helped us out in a Major way. Let me know if you would like to see a Demo, I can give you one quickly to give you some idea. Hope this helps you, and again your Welcome. Jim "Heritage1"
  10. Seen this years ago, and hate to say it, but any and all phpvms systems is extremely limited on Airports, "UNLESS"..... your not on a Shared Hosting Company rather a dedicated Server with no limits on the Server for Ram per/say. However, over the years long story short, PHPVMS has a limit of airports , an extreme limit. I've seen this so many times with others, your Limit is only "6000" Airports, unless your running something like the Charter OPS Module, or the Cargo OPS module which has its own Tables. Trust me, anything over 6000 airports things "WILL" start to drastically slow way down. The good news is, if your running a Good Server , then install a second PHPVMS under a different Airline name, I am running 3 at the moment, each has its own specific format. (just an option). If you have the option on your server, (not for the faint hearted), then go to phpmyadmin, and flush some of the Airports out, this takes time, but can be done. This is the safest way for sure. @Dougjuk and of course our fearless leader, @ProAvia they are Both Exactly right for sure !!! Hope this helps,
  11. You need to include the below line of script somewhere on your Front Page, most include it in this; frontpage_main.php. This should be easy as I see your using HTML5 and Bootstrap, which of course will allow you to use some powerful scripting according to your Web Master's knowledge. The code is this. <?php MainController::Run('Acars', 'index'); ?> This will instantly call the ACARS Map and embed it to the front page. Be sure if using Google Maps, you have a script line also for your API Key or the map will not work for Google. This is why most of us have switched to Leaflet Maps. Your Google API script should be in 2 places if using bootstrap, the <head> and the <body>.
  12. Definately a javascript conflict somewhere on the custom skin, totally right @Strider as mentioned usually in the <head> or if using bootsrap 4.xx or higher, in the body, just before the closing </body> either or it is usually also pertaining to a call from Google script, this one is Famous for it, we all have done it one time or another, any of the script calls that look like this will usually conflict with phpvms, (see below), hope this helps. <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.11.0/jquery.min.js"></script> Well know for conflicts, this one is.
  13. Yep , I KNEW IT, I was right @ProAvia I knew I saw that theme somewhere, that "Is" a payware Web Site Template !!! Period !!! I have known of this vendor from years past, nothing is "Free" on his site ! The license also clearly states that you agree Not to offer, sell, or in anyway shape or form other then for your own use, to absolutely NO ONE ! I also have skyped in full the full HTML script and crawled inside of it, you are totally out of your realm by taking apart any paid template, and uploading it to your server and offering it as Freeware , Unless you have made arrangements for a Commercial License from the original Vendor of course. thanks for that info @Highskies There is a hek of lot more laws in violation with this here, and I won't even get into copyright infringements.
  14. Looks exactly like the Admin LTE Skin on the boostrap web site, hmmmm, interesting.
  15. @shakamonkey88 Wasn't meant for that at all, he just needs to get his site up and running, and lately all posts I have made, have been interupted for sure, but thats ok, I understand that you continue on a certain path . Well noted, we do have an issue here.
  16. Very very nice, Outstanding Job for sure ! Jim
  17. Let me know how you make out with that, I have all of the versions and will be more then happy to give you them w/documentation also. Poke me private anytime. Jim
  18. Several things may be going on here, First CCFTracker example should look like this for a "URL" you MUST point the url with an ending backslash, http://mydomain.com/ The backslash is vital, if your using a sub-directory, then just add the additional sub-directory/folder to the end of it. You also MUST have the correct Module versions for both CCFTracker and cACARS that matches the Client Software , this is a must on both ends, or you will get that error message. cACARS has 2 different versions, and so does CCFTracker. Myself I have stuck with the older versions of both. cACARS can also run multiple instances of the Client software by just creating a new folder, and then in the new folder , point the file with the extension "XML" to the password and the url. I have 7 cACARS systems running for different sites at once. It almost sounds like that you are running in the Modules a different version then what the Client is, hope this helps. Jim
  19. You can assign staff positions in the admin panel without hours and flights stats. This is easily done by assigning a New Role, go to Pilots & Groups, then click on Pilot Groups, up in the very top hand left corner you will see "Add Group". Assign the Role you wish to have. After doing so, you can then go back and assign that role/s to the said Pilots. This has NO baring on any Flight Hours or Flights. On another note, also vStaff is outstanding for this to, runs on its own, and each role can be setup as you wish, below is a link on my site for you to view with vStaff if you'd like. http://heritageairlines.com/index.php/vstaff Jim
  20. Just an FYI, kACARS is no longer, if you venture to the site, you'll see why. The freeware version is easily changed up on the URL, the only other options are CCFTracker and the older version of cACARS if you happen to have the modules and the Install to cACARS. You can get CCFTracker for free along with the Module for it at CCreatives. Jim
  21. @ProAvia Yes you are right, he must go through every single file for the correct url. Why I don't use SSL, theres other methods, like sitelock . Any way, the point of this post is simple. You need to check also the one header.php file in /admin/lib/layout/header.php ......This one file points to http:// change all of it to https:// period. Try this first. This usually works for any SSL's. Have you by chance in the Server, the php.ini file, if YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR doing.... you'll see this [fs_open]="false" something like that, depends on your host, this should be True on all occasions for phpvms in the php.ini file. there should around 4 different lines pertaining to this, if its closed, (false), then the Server can't open up the url data call. Jim
  22. Also, if your fortunate to have another cpu, that can run 24/7, you can host up to 512 slots, which I do, plus I use a 15 slot for a backup. The Host one is Unlimited if you know how to setup a Computer for a Server with it, its tricky to say the least. But once setup , it pretty much runs itself. Discord I have also, but its way to resource hungry for anything less then a Quad Core if your flying at the same time. As mentioned above, @ProAvia , Both have disadvantages and advantages. Me, I like the Security of T.S. Discord is to busy for me, but most my friends use it now as it is Free. Hope this helps you. Jim
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