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vAir Leasing Corporation

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Here at vAir Leasing we strive to offer our clients and customer the best in aviation. We strive to delivery the best piloting skills from around the world as well as always making sure that our aircraft are air worthy. 

Here at vAir Leasing we have just just concluded our first major contract with United Airlines, the deal consisted of 4 meetings including Ground Services, Piloting , Operational Routes, these key factors where key l and we managed to secure the contract. 

While our main executive staff where dealing with United Airlines our directors where also in meetings with airlines such as Jet2,Etihad,China Southern,Oman Air and many more the first deal of the back of United Airlines might be Jet2 which open stars all our network all over Europe and the UK. 

At vAir Leasing we are looking for serious dedicated people to fulfil the role of Executives and also Directors of the company as well to help with issues like. Media,Social,Planning,operations,HR. 

These positions will be open to all members of the wide community. I am honoured to declare vAir Leasing in business after secure its first Contract and gaining our ( AOC )

Kind Regards
Michael Poole
CEO (vAir Leasing Corporation


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