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  1. Crewcenter modifications

    Olá (Hello) @VAsdoBrasilSA, Portuguese Sendo sincero também... Várias pessoas já fizeram isso também, eu sou apenas mais uma dessas pessoas que fizeram isso, agora eu não posso postar? Se eu não posso fala também para outras pessoas, não só para mim. Outra coisas, eu tenho certeza que não tem nenhuma regra contra isso no fórum, agora se você não quiser ver isso mais nos tópicos, é só não olhar. Essas imagens pode até dar ideias para outras pessoas, podem ser inspirar, etc. Um exemplo dessas pessoas sou eu, eu me inspirei em alguns tópicos que fizeram a mesma coisa que eu. Eu não estou querendo arranjar briga, esses negócios, até porque eu gosto do site de vocês. É muito bom, parabéns. Mais se eu não tenho direito de postar, fala para os outros também. E eu posso ate posso liberar daqui um tempo, pois eu já mudei de skin, mas para isso eu também precisa de permissões do Swan. English Being sincere too ... Several people have already done this too, I'm just one more of those people who did this, now I can not post? If I can not talk to other people too, not just to me. Other things, I'm sure you have no rules against this in the forum, now if you do not want to see this more in the threads, just do not look. These images can even give ideas to other people, they can be inspire, etc. An example of these people is me, I was inspired by some topics that did the same thing as me. I do not want to get into a fight, these deals, because I like your website. It's very good, congratulations. Plus if I do not have the right to post, talk to others as well. As I can, I can release right now, because I've already changed my skin, but for this I also need Swan's permission.
  2. get dep and arr airprot in frontpage

    Two questions: Are you using any module to book the flight? Ex: Fltbook. Or are you using phpVMS default? I see that in your code does not have the <form>, in your code have?
  3. Site Not Secure

    @PaintSplasher Oh bro! Thank you very much, thank you very much! That worked! I do not believe that was the mistake.
  4. Site Not Secure

    Hi Guys, This time, I have a new error. Look image: https://prnt.sc/j1dppl I do not know why this is happening. As you can see, when I enter the site the site gets all messed up, without css, with nothing. From what I saw is because of the scripts, this is saying that they are not safe, I do not know why, because I believe they are safe. The site looks all cute just if I click the blue "Done" button. Thanks. Regards, Carlos.
  5. [Free] CrewCenter - Modern and responsive pilot center

    Hello @Yessin, Try this code: <body class="hold-transition login-page" style="background: url("background.jpg") no-repeat center center fixed;">
  6. PIREP Notification

    Hello everyone, I wanted to make sure that when a pilot completes a flight a notification would complete, just like vAMSYS (https://prnt.sc/iwbu8j). But I have no idea how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. Regards, Carlos,
  7. Crewcenter modifications

    Are you sure all the files in the database were importing correctly for phpvms_navdata?
  8. Crewcenter modifications

    No, route_map.php in lib/skins/crewcenter
  9. Crewcenter modifications

    @Waters10 Sorry for the delay. What is your code using the map?
  10. Crewcenter modifications

    So, now I'm not at home, can I see when I get there?
  11. Crewcenter modifications

    It was nothing! Which doubt, you should know, just tell me.
  12. Crewcenter modifications

    @Waters10 The waypoints on the map appear automatically, the one I automatically say is that in the map code it already has this waypoint system. But you need to put a sql from navdata, you download that .sql file and upload it in your database. SQL Download: CLICK HERE Sorry if that was not what you wanted to ask.
  13. [SOLVED] Questions

    @web541 But another question from my first question: I have a trains module, and he also counts how many pilots he has outstanding. And his code for counting is this: <?php FlightAcademyData::GetTrainingRequests() ?> Then you put him on the count. But I also need him to stay with the counts of the outstanding pilots and the pending pireps. But if I put it still gets that '1' error. [SOLVED]
  14. [SOLVED] Questions

    I think it's working now, thanks again, web. And in the part of smartCARS it is better leave like this anyway. Thanks again web.
  15. [SOLVED] Questions

    Hello guys, now I have doubts. 1. The first is more or less an error and a doubt. I made a count to count how many registered pilots and pending pireps have, the two are on the same count, it works fine, but an example: If I have a pending pilot and I accept this pilot, the count does not reset, she It's 1. I do not know if it's because I have two count, I just do not know. This is the code I am using: <?php echo count(//code for count pireps\\ . //code for count pilots pending\\); ?> 2. I wanted to make a graph to tell the altitude and ground speed that the pilot was in his PIREP, I saw in some topics that he had but did not have the complete answer. The only thing I know is that the rawdata column needs to be populated, but I do not know if SmartCARS fills in, because it's not here. Thanks. Regards, Carlos.