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  1. Hi carlos


    am just wondering if theres anyway to add the registeration of teh aircraft to your skins booking form as we have multi 737-800s etc  with diffresnt schedules   


    but we dont know what aircraft has what schedule on teh booking form     we have to go into the admin side to see what flight number is related to each aircraft 


    if u wish i can send you screenshots of what i mean

  2. You probably forgot to install any modules (Airmail and TouchdownStats). If installed, and correctly: what prefix did you configure when installing phpVMS? Make sure that the prefix of the AirMail tables is set to the prefix that you have configured. If it is the default prefix (phpvms_), you don't need to do anything. If you imported the SQL correctly, and fixed the prefix, you probably forgot to add a code to a file. So for fix this you need to go core/common and open StatsData.class.php After open, you need to paste this code: public static function TotalPilotMiles($pilotid) { $key = 'total_miles'; $key .= '_'.$pilotid; $total = CodonCache::read($key); if($total === false) { $total = 0; $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps WHERE pilotid='$pilotid' AND accepted=1"; $results = DB::get_results($sql); if($results) { foreach($results as $result) { $total += $result->distance; } } CodonCache::write($key, $total, '15minute'); } return $total; } HOWEVER, the fact that hosting is free can also be the problem.
  3. https://github.com/Cloudxtreme/phpvms_loa
  4. AIRAC Cycle : 2006 (21/MAY/2020 - 18/JUN/2020) phpvms_navdata.zip
  5. Hi! Sorry for the delay. If you want to change the colors of buttons, cards, among others, it really is to be in the skin's style.css file, which is located in lib/skins/StislaSkin/assets/style.css, for example: located at line 79 - This will change the color of that "card": https://prnt.sc/sl0mau .bg-primary { background-color: #23ad96 !important; } The same thing for buttons, for example (located at line 1305): .btn-primary, .btn-primary.disabled { box-shadow: 0 2px 6px #acb5f6; /* And to be more beautiful, but with a different color from the background-color, and without being too different */ background-color: #23ad96; /* This is the mainly */ border-color: #6777ef; /* And to be more beautiful, but with a different color from the background-color, and without being too different */ } You can also change the button itself (or div tag, span tag, anything else...), but it will only change that button, for example: <button class="btn btn-primary btn-round" style="background-color: #000 !important;">Some button</button>
  6. I really wanted to help you, but due to the fact that it is no longer related to the skin, I recommend opening a new topic, with that, the community will try to help you and the topic will be there for future similar doubts that other users have. I am almost sure that the step mentioned in the documentation is missing, which is configuring the app.config.php and local.config.php file for the correct conversion of the Leaflet: Search in local.config.php and app.config.php file for these codes: Config::Set('MAP_TYPE', 'G_PHYSICAL_MAP'); Config::Set('MAP_ZOOM_LEVEL', 12); And change to: Config::Set('MAP_TYPE', 'OpenStreetMap.Mapnik'); Config::Set('MAP_ZOOM_LEVEL', 5);
  7. I, unfortunately, do not have any chat system, but CrazyCreatives has one, obviously it's payware, but he looks incredible, if you want to see: https://www.crazycreatives.com/downloads/va-chat/
  8. Do not install AirMail 3 default, install what is with my skin, as some files have been customized to work on ElaSkin. However, to fix this error is simple: You need to have the time_ago() function in the MailData.class.php file, which is located at core/common/MailData.class.php (open this file) and in the link below, copy the lines that are in yellow and put it in your MailData.class.php file, but be aware of where you will put it!! You must place, at least below this line: class MailData extends CodonData { https://github.com/carlosmfreitas2409/ElaSkin-2.0/blob/master/Modules (REQUIRED)/Airmail 3/core/common/MailData.class.php#L313-L347
  9. Sorry, I didn't understand the question very well, I will kick it: If you want to upload a file, you can just transfer it to your FTP and use the link to it, for example: Let's assume that the image you are going to transfer is called: favicon.png You can transfer an image at lib/skins/ela/images, then, complete would be like this: lib/skins/ela/images/favicon.png To call, you can use the link and get to the image directory, however phpVMS offers the <?php echo SITE_URL; ?> So, an example to call it a favicon: <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="<?php echo SITE_URL; ?>/lib/skins/ela/images/favicon.png"/> Or some image: <img src="<?php echo SITE_URL; ?>/lib/skins/ela/images/favicon.png" alt="some image" />
  10. Yeah, you can add your own logo and change the favicon. Favicon (in lib/skins/ElaSkin/layout.php): <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="http://linktoaimage.com/favicon.png"/> Live Map (in lib/skins/ElaSkin/profile_main.php😞 Open this github link, you will see some lines in yellow, in your FTP file, look for the same lines and remove those lines. You can make any changes, but you MUST keep all the credits that are in the footer! I thank you for the use and care! It's the best reward I can earn. Sorry for the delay, I ended up sleeping on the chair hahaha.
  11. Hello! I'm glad you're enjoying the skin, let's try to solve your mistake! For the icons: this is usually a problem with SSL, but due to the fact that the files are on the FTP itself, I believe it is not the problem. What hosting are you using? If it's a free hosting, this is probably the problem, if not, I recommend opening a chat with your hosting. For the top navbar: In the skin image, you can see that there are two dashboard options, so you can choose one of them, to change the option read the documentation located with the skin package, category "Config File", everything is explained very well there. The skin was made for phpVMS and has not been tested on phpVMS 5.5x, there will probably be some errors, so I highly recommend using phpVMS from ProAvia. Leave comments here only for reviews, updates and recommendations. For help on the skin, errors, among others with skin related, send a message on the topic of the skin:
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