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  1. You probably forgot to install any modules (Airmail and TouchdownStats). If installed, and correctly: what prefix did you configure when installing phpVMS? Make sure that the prefix of the AirMail tables is set to the prefix that you have configured. If it is the default prefix (phpvms_), you don't need to do anything. If you imported the SQL correctly, and fixed the prefix, you probably forgot to add a code to a file. So for fix this you need to go core/common and open StatsData.class.php After open, you need to paste this code: public static function TotalPilotMiles($pilotid) { $key = 'total_miles'; $key .= '_'.$pilotid; $total = CodonCache::read($key); if($total === false) { $total = 0; $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps WHERE pilotid='$pilotid' AND accepted=1"; $results = DB::get_results($sql); if($results) { foreach($results as $result) { $total += $result->distance; } } CodonCache::write($key, $total, '15minute'); } return $total; } HOWEVER, the fact that hosting is free can also be the problem.
  2. https://github.com/Cloudxtreme/phpvms_loa
  3. AIRAC Cycle : 2006 (21/MAY/2020 - 18/JUN/2020) phpvms_navdata.zip
  4. Do not install AirMail 3 default, install what is with my skin, as some files have been customized to work on ElaSkin. However, to fix this error is simple: You need to have the time_ago() function in the MailData.class.php file, which is located at core/common/MailData.class.php (open this file) and in the link below, copy the lines that are in yellow and put it in your MailData.class.php file, but be aware of where you will put it!! You must place, at least below this line: class MailData extends CodonData { https://github.com/carlosmfreitas2409/ElaSkin-2.0/blob/master/Modules (REQUIRED)/Airmail 3/core/common/MailData.class.php#L313-L347
  5. Sorry, I didn't understand the question very well, I will kick it: If you want to upload a file, you can just transfer it to your FTP and use the link to it, for example: Let's assume that the image you are going to transfer is called: favicon.png You can transfer an image at lib/skins/ela/images, then, complete would be like this: lib/skins/ela/images/favicon.png To call, you can use the link and get to the image directory, however phpVMS offers the <?php echo SITE_URL; ?> So, an example to call it a favicon: <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="<?php echo SITE_URL; ?>/lib/skins/ela/images/favicon.png"/> Or some image: <img src="<?php echo SITE_URL; ?>/lib/skins/ela/images/favicon.png" alt="some image" />
  6. Yeah, you can add your own logo and change the favicon. Favicon (in lib/skins/ElaSkin/layout.php): <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png" href="http://linktoaimage.com/favicon.png"/> Live Map (in lib/skins/ElaSkin/profile_main.php😞 Open this github link, you will see some lines in yellow, in your FTP file, look for the same lines and remove those lines. You can make any changes, but you MUST keep all the credits that are in the footer! I thank you for the use and care! It's the best reward I can earn. Sorry for the delay, I ended up sleeping on the chair hahaha.
  7. Hello Nicholas! So, in this skin we have only 2 modules: AirMail 3 & TouchdownStats. The installation is very simple, in both modules there is a folder called "core", and inside "core" folder we have more folders, which are usually the "modules", "templates" and "common" folder. If you see the directory where your phpVMS is installed, we have this same "core" folder, and inside the same "modules", "templates" and "common" folder. Basically, what you have to do is transfer the files from each folder to their respective location. (EXAMPLE) So it would be like this: You transfer the files that are in the "core/common" folder of the TouchdownStats module to the "core/common" folder of the directory where your phpVMS is installed. The same for the other files (core/modules in your core/modules phpVMS installation, The same for the other files)... Some modules come with a .sql file, which creates some tables in your database, AirMail 3 is an example. If you look at the AirMail 3 module, we have this "airmail.sql" file. To upload it, it's also very simple, you need to go to your database (phpMyAdmin), enter your phpVMS database and click on the "Import" button located on the top menu, it will open another page that it will be there where you should import this file, click on the "execute" button and if everything appears green, success!
  8. God! You are the man! One more time, thank you so much!!
  9. @Nabeel, can you also take another doubt? In phpVMS 5.5, for example, we have the "core/modules/PIREPS/PIREPS.php", which says in a "wrong" way, it is possible to see the subpages, the functions it has, among others. Where would I find something like this in phpVMS 7? For example, "flights"? I saw that you get some simbrief files in "flights" folder at default skin (resources/views/layouts/default/flights/simbrief_briefing.blade.php), but I don't know which domain Its located (like "http://localhost/flights/simbrief"), I was trying to find it just like in the phpVMS 5.5 looking at the modules folder. I looked at the entire doc, but I didn't find it. I found a related one ("http/controllers/web.php"), but from what I understand it is only for "own" modules.
  10. No problem at all! You can put it in the docs without any problems! Thanks again, it is a really incredible project, especially for virtual aviation.
  11. Okay, so I: I uploaded the phpVMS files normally to htdocs (Without transferring files from public to root). I changed the DocumentRoot in httpd.conf to DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/phpvms/public" I entered the link normally and working perfectly. Unfortunately, the link phpVMS will be in will be: "https://localhost", so other projects will not work unless you change DocumentRoot to default (DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/"). But these are things we have to sacrifice to get what we want... I don't know if that was your last message Nabeel, but already thanking you for the great work you are having and always had with phpVMS, it is not flattering and nothing, I am just saying this because we have to really thank you for this incredible project, because we have this opportunity, for being a free project, for the work you had and much more. Not only this project, but all other projects as well. This is not the opportunity we have every day. So, thank you again!
  12. Okay, I put DocumentRoot in the "public" folder (DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/phpvms/public"). However, should I transfer the files from "public" to the "phpvms" folder? And how should I leave it in phpvms/index.php and phpvms/public/index.php? Excuse me for the question, I'm really still trying to understand the whole new phpVMS system haha And thanks for the answer.
  13. Is there a way to install phpVMS 7 on localhost (XAMPP)? Or is it not possible? I'm trying to install it several times, but it never works. The page that says "phpVMS not installed" (https://prnt.sc/siiqrn) loads normally, however when I press the "Head on to the installer>" button, it redirects me to the XAMPP dashboard (localhost/dashboard - https://prnt.sc/siiqz3) and not to the installation page. In the structure files looks like this (https://prnt.sc/siiq6o😞 htdocs/ ├── phpvms And in the phpVMS index.php it looks like this (https://prnt.sc/sije6o😞 $path_to_phpvms_folder = __DIR__.'/../phpvms'; phpVMS version: 7.0.0-beta.4 php version: 7.4.5 EDITED For users who are experiencing this problem when installing phpVMS on XAMPP, do the following: Solution 1: by @Laurent Go to your XAMPP control panel; And in "Config" button of Apache, select the file httpd.conf; Search for this line: DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/" and change to DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/phpvms" Close XAMPP completely and open it again. Solution 2 (Without moving files from the public folder): by @Nabeel Move phpvms files to your htdocs folder as normal, but WITHOUT moving files from the public folder to the phpVMS folder; Go to your XAMPP control panel; And in "Config" button of Apache, select the file httpd.conf; Search for this line: DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/" and change to DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/phpvms/public" Close XAMPP completely and open it again. NOTE: In both solutions, the link to phpvms will be "http://localhost", this means that other projects that are in the htdocs folder will NOT work. If you want to go back to normal (other projects working), you will have to go to httpd.conf again, and change the DocumentRoot to the default (DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/"). Solution by @Laurent and @Nabeel (Thank you so much again!)
  14. Yes, my idea was initially to do it for phpVMS 7, but due to my stress in the installation part, I ended up giving up and doing it for phpVMS 5. Even because my idea was to do several innovative things, something I would not be able to do with phpVMS 7 because of my knowledge and modules. Let think this: how many modules does phpVMS 5 already have? Are these modules essential for a larger reality? Yes! Fltbook and Airmail are examples, they are essential for a greater reality, however these modules still do not have for phpVMS 7, that's why I believe that phpVMS 5 will not be obsolete now, it will still be for a GOOD GOOD GOOD time. When phpVMS 7 launches, it has more modules, like a new Fltbook, Airmail, Events, among others, it would not be a bad idea to make a skin. Because if I had started a skin now, I would just leave default, without any module with nothing, especially without the "Reservation by the map".
  15. Yeah, there is a way yes, and it’s not that complicated. Yesterday I posted my new skin, it has the map on the reservations page (using Leaflet/openstreetmap), if you want to download just to see the code feel free, i can't send you the code now because i'm not on the computer.
  16. Yes may be. Other errors also appeared in other files, but I knew there was no error in them, what happened was that I had some PHP Intelephense extensions in Visual Studio, and it was because of them that these errors appeared (in this case, this is the extension's function, but the errors appeared because he did not find the other files, e.g. a function in another file and I used it in another file, and there was an error because I did not find that that function it was in the other file). I deleted the extensions and the errors disappeared, but the error with the backticks didn't disappear, which leads me to think that the problem is with Visual Studio itself or my Visual Studio configuration.
  17. Ohhh, thanks! I didn't create my own, I just deleted it and created it again, with the original code. Just to see if I hadn't inserted something without realizing it, that could give the error. Apparently it is working now! You were right, I was with MariaDB, I already upgraded to MySQL and reinstalled phpVMS again, all from scratch and it's working now. In my Visual Studio, the file is still the same as that photo, this is probably an error in my Visual Studio, but at least the code is working, that's what matters haha. So, Avia, thank you so much for your help! ❤️
  18. May I ask which editor do you use? I like to discover more programs haha, sorry for the question. I'm using XAMPP, so I have two errors log. In my XAMPP log: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '' . $rank .' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING) in C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\phpvms\\core\\common\\RanksData.class.php In core/logs: Backtrace: DB::write_debug > DB::get_row > RanksData::getNextRank > include > TemplateSet->getTemplate > TemplateSet->showTemplate > Template::show > include > TemplateSet->getTemplate > TemplateSet->showTemplate Query: SELECT * FROM phpvms_ranks WHERE minhours> ORDER BY minhours ASC LIMIT 1 Error: (1064) - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'ORDER BY minhours ASC LIMIT 1' at line 2 I deleted RanksData.class.php, created it again and added the code (original, which was on github) again. None of the common files. EDIT: I installed phpVMS again, completely original, without editing anything, and it continues with the error. PHP Version: 7.2.19 Apache: 2.4.39 MySQL: I don't know where to see in XAMPP
  19. I don't know if it's just me (because Visual Studio does some crazy things), but in some common files, this happens: RanksData.class.php CronData.class.php I don't know if it's a Visual Studio error, because if I use any of the functions above, they don't work, because they're in orange (I don't remember the name of this, like string... 🤔) I already deleted the file and create new one, but all the same...
  20. You are absolutely right, unfortunately I ended up not putting it in the right way on my old skin, I already corrected it, but I know it is a completely serious mistake, but I will be more attentive now, thank you very much.
  21. I believe that they have just discontinued the old version and started a new one, not least because the new one is free too, in addition, the site that is talking about being paid for, is not from the original author, but I will be contacting them from anyway, i'm trying to find the contact, thanks.
  22. For this skin, I used the ElaAdmin Template from Colorlib. But there is already a new version of this ElaAdmin, so the version I used disappeared from google, I couldn’t find it on the Colorlib website, just on another website (this one), but it says it’s paid, and it’s not, it was free. For my 3 new skins (All free version): CrewCenter: Stisla Admin Template & Purple Admin Template Admin Panel: Argon Admin Template
  23. I will probably make two skins and an admin panel, or an admin panel and one crewcenter. I already started the crewcenter with the Stisla Admin Template, free version. For the admin panel, I will probably use the Argon Admin Template, also a free version. If I make another crewcenter, I will probably use the Purple Admin Template, also free version. But this is all just in my head, I'm very indecisive, so I'm not sure. I would love to receive your opinion, I appreciate you, moreover, in case I make a mistake, sorry, because I know that on the other skin I made a mistake, but I already fixed it.
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