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skinurl function to shorten code

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I was digging around in phpvms today and came across the functions for url, actionurl, adminurl etc. So I started thinking, it'd be really handy to have something similar for the skin url.

So instead of 

href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/crystal/styles.css"

you would go

href="<?php echo url('styles.css'); ?>"

that's much shorter, and also if for some reason you'd want to change the folder of your skin you don't need to recode everything. 

so I wrote that little function, here it is: 

function skinurl($path="")
	if($path[0] != '/')
	return SITE_URL.'/lib/skins/'.CURRENT_SKIN.$path;

all you need to do is paste it into your /core/bootstrap.inc.php and you're done!

maybe this can be included in phpvms core?  

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