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  1. Can you please PM me with the name of your VA so I can check in the logs if you are actually reaching the server, and we can take it from there
  2. How did it not work? If you'd PM me some details I can help you solve it. As for the schedules I'm sorry I cannot help you
  3. 35 thousand airports? I didn't know there are that many. its a pity you didn't use web541's suggestion of the virtualairlines.eu api, would have saved you a lot of work..
  4. You can also use this: https://www.virtualairlines.eu/index.php/Blog/Post/~airportinfoapi saves you all the typing
  5. mischka

    ObsessBlue 2.0

    Bump! Does anyone has a copy of this in their archives?
  6. I see an authentication error in the logs. I added http:// in front of your url. if it still doesn't work shoot me a PM!
  7. Ok, so in /core/common/scheduledata.class.php you go to around line 787 where you have the function getbids change the line where the sql is set to this $sql='SELECT dep.lat as deplat, dep.lng as deplng, arr.lat as arrlat, arr.lng as arrlng,, s.*, b.bidid, a.name as aircraft, a.registration FROM '.TABLE_PREFIX.'schedules s, '.TABLE_PREFIX.'bids b, '.TABLE_PREFIX.'aircraft a, '.TABLE_PREFIX.'airports dep, '.TABLE_PREFIX.'airports arr WHERE b.routeid = s.id AND s.aircraft=a.id and s.depicao=dep.icao and s.arricao=arr.icao AND b.pilotid='.$pilotid; that should give you of the deplat deplng and arrlat and arrlng and then you can add any other fields like name etc as you like. make sure you name them differently otherwise mysql gets confused
  8. Hello all, Recently I introduced a replacement for the Airport lookup that helps with adding airports. So far it has been used already more than 2200 times! On a similar note I now also have an aircraft info API. Just replace three files and you can lookup all the data of the aircraft just by its icao code. However, as this is a new service it's only open for those with an account at virtualairlines.eu. So if you are registered there, have a look at this blogpost and download the relevant files.It takes just a few minutes but will save you a lot of time. If you are not registered, head over to https://www.virtualairlines.eu and get yourself a free account
  9. Yes, you need to make the change or add it to your local.config.php otherwise you are just querying the old vacentral server
  10. might be a case senstive problem (iata vs IATA) by import you mean the automatic add of airports when importing schedules? That *should* work, cause afaik it uses the same mechanism. I haven't tried it myself actually
  11. In my operations.php, around line 338, I have this: $tmp = array( 'id' => $row->id, 'cell' => array( # Each column, in order $row->icao, $row->name, $row->country, $row->fuelprice, $row->lat, $row->lng, $edit, ), ); Have you added the new fields there?
  12. It's strange... the 2nd line below doesn't show the full url you are calling. What is the actual url of your website? Can you send me your phpvms.js by PM?
  13. When you press F12 in chrome, do you get any error messages? Ok, I'm confused.. the airport lookup itself works, but the extra fields don't show up in the columns in the grid? I never thought of extending the grid to be honest, I'd have to look into it.
  14. what callback did you use in the jsonp though? as far as I researched, you had to add some kind of java bit to the json
  15. Ooh, that's odd. It might be some security setting that was implemented after vacentral went down. The only thing you change is the address of the server name. Do you get any error messages in firefox?
  16. have you changed the phpvms_api_server in the local.config.php or app.config.php? I just did the change on another website (a clean 5.5.2 install) and the lookup works flawlessly. on chrome you can hit F12 and look at the console. You should see some kind of error there. If you are 100% sure you are querying virtualairlines.eu and not the old api server, drop me a PM and attach the phpvmsadmin.js and specify your phpvms version
  17. Who knows? Right now, your best bet is to register at www.virtualairlines.eu which provides the same functionality as vacentral plus much more!
  18. Hello all, I know lots of you have been annoyed with the absence of the airport lookup function in PHPvms.. well at least I was! So, in a bid to save time not just for myself but also for you, I've recreated a service that provides the same functionality with minimal changes but some extra data All you have to do is this: 1) Go to your local.config.php / app.config.php to change your phpvms_api_server to https://virtualairlines.eu .. if you haven't already 2) Go to /admin/lib/phpvmsadmin.js and scroll to line 250 where it says: url = phpvms_api_server + "/airport/get/" + icao + "&callback=?"; replace it with: url = phpvms_api_server + "/airports.php?icao="+ icao+ "&callback=?"; save it all on your server and the airport lookup should work again! Note that this seems not to work with firefox or internet explorer! Chrome is your safest bet. Now, I have some extra goodies up my sleeve: for every airport I also have the IATA code, city name, timezone offset, dbtimezone and altitude. Don't worry, airport lookup will work without it, but if you want these extra data you have them available now. In the next couple of days I'm going to post on my blog how to implement these extra values and display them on a website. If you have any questions or comments let me know in the comments below. Oh, and I *guarantee* that I will provide this service for free as long as I run this website - although I may restrict it to members of virtualairlines.eu at some point in the future.
  19. you can find quite a few VA's on https://www.virtualairlines.eu why are you closing down your VA?
  20. Yeah, the </script> tag at the end was missing. Just add </script> to the end of the dashboard template file and you should be good. thanks for pointing this out,nobody is perfect
  21. No reason for him to post his dashboard here. I'll fix the issue and update the post
  22. send me your dasboard.php via PM and I'll have a look at it.
  23. That's a fair point. There are so many VA's out there, many of them near dead and in need of resuscitation, why start a new one? When starting a new VA, there's two questions you need to answer to yourself - and be brutally honest. 1) What would you be able to offer to the VA world that 19082298402840328402 existing airlines don't offer already? 2) What is your prime motivation for starting a VA ie Why do you really want to do this? 3) What skills do you have that make you suitable to run a VA? Uncomfortable questions, I know.. but they have to be answered when starting any company, even a virtual one that has no paying clients.
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