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  1. Hello I'm trying to modify a clean phpvms 5.5 install so that the user can change the skin. by myairline.xxx/index.php?user_skin=selectedskin To do this, I created the following code in /core/codon.config.php: MainController::loadEngineTasks(); //last line before my mod, for orientation purpose $user_skin=$_GET['user_skin']; //echo "skin name:".$user_skin; if (isset($user_skin)) SessionManager::Set('user_skin',$user_skin); $user_skin=SessionManager::Get('user_skin'); //echo "skin name from session:".$user_skin; if (isset($user_skin)) { define('ACTIVE_SKIN_PATH', LIB_PATH.DS.'skins'.DS.$user_skin); //echo "set the skin to ".ACTIVE_SKIN_PATH; } else { define('ACTIVE_SKIN_PATH', LIB_PATH.DS.'skins'.DS.CURRENT_SKIN); } this works to the extent that the active_skin_path is indeed set to what I want it to be. If I write <?php echo "current skin path:".ACTIVE_SKIN_PATH; ?> on the frontpage_main, it returns the chose skin path. It even does when the url is no longer ending with the ?user_skin=selectedskin. However.. it still loads the original skin that I set in the admin panel. Anyone has some idea why this is? I don't understand why it sets the active_skin_path to one path, yet still loads another skin. even clearing the cache doesn't do it.
  2. Hey guys, I'm not sure about you but I got a lot of fake BS messages through my contact form, and I got really tired of it so I looked for a solution. The fix was fairly simple, and with the same technology you can also stop fake registrations! Since this forum is visible to everyone, and therefore also to those who might be behind these messages, I decided to not share it here directly. You can only view the solution on my blog: http://www.virtualairlines.eu/index.php/Blog when you are logged in!
  3. Hello I was digging around in phpvms today and came across the functions for url, actionurl, adminurl etc. So I started thinking, it'd be really handy to have something similar for the skin url. So instead of href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/skins/crystal/styles.css" you would go href="<?php echo url('styles.css'); ?>" that's much shorter, and also if for some reason you'd want to change the folder of your skin you don't need to recode everything. so I wrote that little function, here it is: function skinurl($path="") { if($path[0] != '/') $path='/'.$path; return SITE_URL.'/lib/skins/'.CURRENT_SKIN.$path; } all you need to do is paste it into your /core/bootstrap.inc.php and you're done! maybe this can be included in phpvms core?
  4. Just a tease

    It seems that won't be the case. I asked my provider if they plan to disable any 5.x versions and when, and this is what came back: So it seems there is no pressing reason to move existing architecture to php 7
  5. Just a tease

    supported as in... providers won't run it any more on their servers?
  6. Just a tease

    so why change to laravel? there's so much knowledge and so many addons/snippets about the current framework it seems mad to throw all that away. On all the hosting sites Ive come across you can set your php version to whatever you want, so I'll probably keep running the old phpvms and I imagine I'm not gonna be the only one..
  7. Just a tease

    Im wondering though, would the current phpvms addons still work on that new version?
  8. Hello all, A few years ago I started a virtual airline search engine, and quite a few of you joined up for it. Now I've reworked the website and added quite a few new features to www.virtualairlines.eu You can now submit your schedules and pireps to virtualairlines.eu with the same API you use for vacentral, It takes literally 5 minutes to change and you get the following benefits: Have your flight stats included with your listing in the search engine, to show how active your airline is. A free fuel API, so you can display your fuel data on your pilot briefing (costs 20 bucks elsewhere) Contribute to the biggest schedule database, where pilots can find scheduled flights of all airlines Harness the power of your pireps! Your pireps have lots of information in them that you can analyze and find out about your pilots behavior. of course you could run queries on your own db and then make graphs on it, but still you couldn't compare it to other airlines. If you add your pireps to virtualairlines.eu, you have a lot of info at the click of a button, AND you can compare yourself to other airlines. For example, which are the most popular airports overall, and at your VA? Is it time to add a few, or maybe ditch some of the unpopular ones? Here's some example graphs: There are more graphs and stats on my website, and if anyone has suggestions they can contact me and I'll look into it. I've also started a blog where I'll post some of the code snippets I've created over the past few years. And I'll start putting some of my addon modules online soon. So, if you haven't already signed up, please do so at http://www.virtualairlines.eu and reap the benefits for your airline: 1) Add your VA to the search engine 2) Submit VA news to our front page 3) Get access to a free fuel API 4) Be part of the biggest flight schedule database 5) Get invaluable insights into your pilots behavior at the click of a button! I also wrote a 6-page phpvms skinning guide which you can download once you sign up.
  9. Chatroll Php Chat

    I wrote a blogpost here about how to integrate chatroll with phpvms: http://www.virtualairlines.eu/index.php/Blog/Post/chatbox
  10. Create a Database Form

    right, so pilots self-certify they did a certain mission? and what are the missions... do you specify them or can they write anything? Which phpvms version you use?
  11. Do not send the email

    in your send_email I see: $email = $_POST['email']; then later I see $email_to = "MYEMAIL"; which you then use to send the email I would delete the second line and rewrite the first one to $email_to = $_POST['email']; and see where that goes.
  12. Top Pilots Leader Board

    What do you put in the variables $today[mon] and $today[year] ? You've got to make sure they contain the right values. You might test the script by just putting numbers in there like 10 and 2017 and see what it does. is this a freeware module?
  13. Create a Database Form

    forget about the technicalities, what are you trying to achieve? some kind of logbook where pilots can write which missions they completed?
  14. Recent Pilots

    What result are you getting, if any at all? url?
  15. [HELP] PhpVMS is not updating the SQL database

    It's strange behaviour... your site is working normally? I mean, it displays something? Whats your url? Are you on free hosting by any chance? which php version and which phpvms version? You could try clearing the cache of phpvms: in your admin panel go to site & settings, maintenance options and then down the bottom it says clear cache.