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phpVMS 7.0 Alpha Release

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Hi everyone!

After many months of work, the first alpha is available.

Do note that at least PHP 7.0 is required, with htaccess and mod_rewrite enabled by your host. Right now, the main focus is ensuring the installer works on a variety of hosts, and all the basics are working as expected. Suggestions to make skinning, modules, widgets, and documentation updates are all welcome - please post in the appropriate subforum in the 7.0 section of the forum. Bugs, etc, can be posted in the #development channel on Discord, though I will likely ask you to create issues in the tracker. Also, if you're running into an issue, check the Issue Tracker that it hasn't already been reported.

I suggest reading through the Concepts page in the docs. There are some major changes to some fundamentals between the older version and newer version, mainly to address a lot of shortcomings of the older version, including multiple aircraft to schedules and fares. Finances are not working at the moment, but is a planned feature.

*NOTE* ATM, there are no ACARS compatible. The API won't be changing much, so see the docs if you're wanting to develop your own ACARS application, or to update yours to add compatibility: http://docs.phpvms.net/developers/acars

The documentation for addons/modules, widgets and theming is on-going, and will be a focus for the upcoming alpha/beta releases.

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