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Pulling Schedules


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okay so i got 25k airports imported and i tried to import schedules from flightware but i don't know where i can get my userid and my api key even tought i signedup for 500 free queries

if is there any other way to get schedules maybe anyone has a schedules file for sharing? :)

and if anyone knows a site that sells schedules for phpvms 5.5.x for less than 5 dollars? spended enough money on smart cars and all that crap allredy but i forgot the most important the routes...


i'm creating a british Airways and Widerøe Flight company on my website any routes from there witch you can offer as payware or freeware would be really greatfaul

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12 minutes ago, flyalaska said:

There was a post in Paid Services awhile back. Don't know his price though.

you mean the guy called StartVA? his site is down so i don't think he is selling schedules anymore :(

i did check a bit before i posted but couldn't find any that actully had a site still open today

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1 minute ago, RuiMiguel said:

You already have api flightaware?

if you already have it in the puller.php file on this lines

$apiUserId = "yourFlightAwareUserId";
$apiKey = "yourFlightAwareApiKey";



yes i got the api but where can i find my flightareuserid

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