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  1. go into local.config.php and enable automatic registration and or ban thr ip if i get ypure question right ypu dont want pilots on youre va or is ot the same user resigning up?
  2. copy the oceanblue folder into /lib/skins then go to phpvms admin page and general settings and change skin from crystal to oceanblue and save and go to you're site and it should work..
  3. Nothing works with phpvms 7.2 and phpvms 7.2 is not released don't evne download it
  4. spkier


    I need a bit more information and a website. however i got a vps i can host a free teamspeak as long as you want. i am very fammiliar with php and i got long time experience with websites so i can be a manager if you want let me know if you want some more information let me know
  5. Could you describe a little bit better what you do? and what you're intentions are and maybe showcase something? beacuse telling me that you offer liveries could just be something free from avsim that you are selling... to me this appears to be scam i need a bit more info around payment too!
  6. i realised that in regitration.php i remoed the lines and in regitration_mainform.php i removed the lines too so no errors so its not a bug then.
  7. i only altered the registration.php file and removed the lines and everything works fine
  8. I typed the codes into local.config.php as expected and still nothing so I ended up with importing 25k airports (including helipads from p3d v4 worked very well) via mysql
  9. Edit: I forgot to update the statsdata.php witch resulted in page not loading correctly and skin not working this was my fault and I should have realized it before but thanks to the Leonard1GO4036 for helping me out and I won't bother you agen and to all other people out there make sure to update StatsData.class.php and edit the lines in local.config.php and upload all modules Best Regards Ulrik Brun
  10. okay I did that however should I select the icrewlite from admin skin or should I use crewcenter? i'm not quite sure if I do slct crewlite there is no CSS
  11. Yeah you're right all this ended up with mistakes from both of us but if I am right I replace the files in crewmaster with you're skin? there no need to fight appoligies for my behavor
  12. remove the line in reigstration.php or add a recapcha api key if you want just google it...
  13. let me make you something clear i staded that i neded help and it you're documentation it said skip to part 9 if you allredy use crewmaster center skin or whateve rname so i added that and first of i said if you cannot do it within sunday you can forget about it beacuse then ym work starts agen and then i don't ahve time for this and ym credentials are never wrong they worked fine but for some reasion you can't understand that a vps uses port 22 not 21.... if you did read my mail why would you even say my credentials are worng i can understand we go diffrent timezones so honestly i don't care when you do it but if you wont do it thats fine but atleast fix you're documentation it said "if you allredy have crewcenter installled skip to part 9" witch i did but i never got it to work and now you're telling me i'm running the wrong template? isn't youre skin bascily based on crewcenter? i hope this messge and my last never came out wrong as all i wanted to say is that i don't have time to wait anymore i waited a week thats fine but now my work gets started agen EDIT: the credentials are still the same + the demo account is administrator now if you still want to help me out i will let you do that just use port 22 on fillezillia or you cannot connect and second i can understand you are busy and if you are that busy and cannot help me within sunday not to be rude or anything but that vps is hosted at my company so i can only let other people use it in the weekend or when i'm not at work so thats why i said if you cannot do it within sunday you can forget about it i'm sorry if this came out the wrong way and i hope i din't offend anyone in anyway i greatly appreciate that you are answering my mails and so on most peolpe don't do that and you're docuymentation isnt bad it just complicated beacuse you ask for crewmaster and in the next steps it says nothing about the crewmaster template and where i should have it activated or not
  14. so here you are i watned to let you know that if you ahven't gotten icrewinstalled on my vps within sunday you can just forget about it and ill find someone else or find something else i can understand you are busy however i got a job i got todo and i don't want the vps to be open to peolpe who don't do their job for a whole week this is beacuse of safety as i use that vps for my work
  15. https://imgur.com/a/jfDQt here is mine and btw i putted it to run every 15 mins does this mean that after 15 min i get a schedule? edit the crontab ran the file however i got Could not open input file: /var/www/html/Program/puller.php
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