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Heritage VA Now Seairtransport

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Seairtransport VA is owned and operated by Heritage VA & Co. We are looking for Staff, and Pilots. Our restrictions are actually very very little, Just Fly, and fly to and from where ever you want. We've been around for a very long time, and realize people have whats called live's. Well, so do I actually. lol. Come visit us, we offer seaplane routes, major hub routes, long hauls, short hauls and the ability to make your own routes through our vast Charter ops , or our Cargo - Executive Ops. Our only 2 limitations are simple,  2 flights a month, and landing rates under -460, we'd prefer around -300 or lower of course. But we give. 

Thanks to all here in the forums, I've met many friends here, we look forward to our new look, and our new systems with today's new internet experience. Our link is below, so we hope to see even some guests, 


Thank you, 

Jim L. Owner - CEO - Founder

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