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Strange Time and Distance on Livemap for VACentral

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Hi there,

I've just been wondering why on the Livemap for VACentral is has extreme values for Time Elapsed/Remaining (where most of the errors on this one are for Time Elapsed) as well as for Distance, where it has really high values there as well. On our own ACARS Map it shows everything just fine (provided kACARS is being used), but even with kACARS there are some weird values for the VACentral Livemap.


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Looking at it now again, it seems to be mostly fixed. I still see big numbers for time elapsed though, such as 30 hours on some flights.

Yep, I'm working on it. Right now it is displaying what's reported from the VA. It should be hours: minutes, but I htink some report seconds as well, trying to sort that out. Thanks!

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