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Hello fellow phpVMS admins! It is with pleasure that I announce for the first time to the public a new cargo exclusive virtual airline that has been in active development for the past year. Capitol Logistics,  is a virtual airline organized for the purpose of simulating real-world cargo operations of an FAA Part 121 certified all cargo carrier. Capitol Logistics is an airline that focuses our operations to emulate real-world freight operations, striving to be a realistic and rewarding experience, all while maintaining the flexibility required by our hobby to ensure fun for all pilots of varying skills levels, and levels of interest. We have been in existence for almost one year, founded for initial development in January 2018. Since then, thru nothing more than word of mouth we have gathered nearly a dozen mature and experienced virtual pilots with vast experience not only on Vatsim, but also in real-world operations. Capitol Logistics operates a fleet of modern, cost effective, and efficient wide-body and narrow-body freighters based on the latest real world availability and specifications. The current fleet of Boeing 757, 767, and McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft allow the best available payware models, offering a high fidelity simulation both in the cockpit and on the back end systems.

The website uses a customized version of phpVMS 5.5.2. The template is based on a publically available HTML5 design, and has been extensively modified and developed in house by myself for application to a virtual airline. We use several different payware and modified freeware modules throughout the site.

Interested parties can learn more at our website located at the following link: https://capitollogistics.org

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A warm Welcome to someone new, its always nice to see a new face, and your Web Site looks Super , nice job for sure ! And congrads, on VATSIM for sure. Feel free to stop by and poke me anytime on our Web Site with any questions etc., from one VA to the Other, we all are after the Same thing 😃


Jim L. Owner/President of Heritage VA & Seairtransport VA

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Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. It's been a labor of love to get to this point and I'm glad we are reaching critical mass. Its been a real learning experience.

Since the pilot center is behind our registration wall and it's one of the more critical functions of a VA, I posted a screen shot below of our standard pilot profile page for all to see. I didn't want to use a precanned downloadable crew center as so many do. It's a completely customized layout using various areas of custom coding. Everything is bootstrapped to ensure it looks great on PC, tablet, or cell phone sizes.


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Thought I would take a moment to announce that we hit another milestone. We just crossed the 1000 hours flown for the VA mark the other day. 

In addition, we are now fully SimBrief compliant as an API integrated VA. We've added numerous additional tables of data to our aircraft in order to inject data directly into the SimBrief dispatch system, so each aircraft has its weights and other data set appropriately at every dispatch. Especially useful since as an example not every 767 is the same in our fleet, with each having slightly different specifications. We feel this adds significant immersion to the VA as we aren't just a standard template setup, and each aircraft has its own quirks, data, and historical information. 

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20 hours ago, Heritage1 said:

Congrats !!

Been busy STILL shoveling all this Snow....arrggghhh, and again, very very nice web site. I can tell a lot of work went into it for sure. 

See ya in duh Air !


Thanks Jim! A lot of work has and continues to be put into it. I'm not sure what anyone has ever accomplished on their own with PHPVMS legacy versions, but I really am finding ways to teach an old dog new tricks. Two highlights I've implemented lately:

  • Moved the load generation script into the addbid section so a load is generated and inserted into the bids table at time of bid placement. This is crucial for SimBrief integration in my view so the ZFW won't change every time you click generate dispatch
  • Added a load factor setting (demand) by ROUTE instead of the global setting. Using some crafty hackery of the code I added some conditional statements for the ability to set the demand on a route which then calls for a random value which in turn impacts the load factor for that particular flight. For example, I now have the ability to have a cargo flight form VHHH to PANC nearly full as real-world demand would normally dictate, however the reverse trip from Anchorage to Hong Kong would be lightly loaded or nearly empty. This is a significant improvement over the one sized fits all global load factor setting, as is more applicable and useful for an all freight carrier. 
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