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Personal Website Builder Over Skins?


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I am making a website for my new VA; trying to figure out the skins and how they work (new to coding and such); but for now I have a website builder that I have used to get a design started that I want the site to look like.  Is there anyway that I can use the design instead of skins until I figure out the skins and how to edit those.  I still would like where if a pilot clicks on (in my site) the crew button it will take them to the crew center that phpvms has for now (I can direct link pages when they click on certain things), as my builder does not allow password protected areas yet.
I did install the basic crystal skin way back when I was setting it all up.  Sorry if it is confusing.  I will try to clear it up if needed more.

Thanks in advanced!  Attached are a few images of currently what it looks like in my builder, and am working on.2z3zxc1.pngx5bkog.png

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