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Nordlink - Commercial & Flying club - More then just an airline

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Nordlink is a organisation with a twist offering pilots the option of a realistic virtual airline, and a flying club all in one place. 

This is an exciting project and we are looking for the right people and enfusiast to join. 

Please take note that this is a long term project and will only launch when everything is satisfactory and ready to a high standard. This organisation will not be rushed into development 

We will become a sustainable virtual organisation that is respected for not only its professionalism but also options and events it provides. 

We are currently in need of three members of staff which have the time, energy and motivation to be part of our fantastic staff team. 

- Head of flying club operations

- Senior training instructor

- Assistant commercial operations manager. 


For these positions there is a age limit of at least 21 years of age


Please inbox me giving details of why you would be suitable and what you would bring to our team. 


Many Thanks, 



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