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in the admin navigation is a variable to show the addons installed on the page: 


It will echo this:

<li><a href="http://xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xx/admin/index.php/FAQ">FAQ</a></li>

Is there a way to change the content's design? Like removing the <li></li> or add classes to the <li>?

It's defined in the "admin/index.php": 

Template::Set('MODULE_NAV_INC', $NAVBAR);

But I dont find more... Or is there a other way to get the addons (url and name) of the site?



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Okay - so now after a week no reply.

I have done a workaround.

  • got all links from $MODULE_NAV_INC and explode them with PHP into an array on the "<li>" element.
  • create a empty array for save my results
  • loop all $links (first "link" is empty - so check if empty and jump over empty links) 
  • for each link I strip the tags and save it as name; and save the link as url
  • I save this array in my result array
  • Now I can loop the result array and use the links and names

The code (not the right way I think, but I don't know how to do it in phpvms...):

    $links = explode("<li>", $MODULE_NAV_INC);
    $result_array = array();
    foreach ($links as $link) {
        if(empty($link)) continue;
        preg_match_all('#\bhttps?://[^,\s()<>]+(?:\([\w\d]+\)|([^,[:punct:]\s]|/))#', $link, $match);
        $res = array(
            "name" => strip_tags($link),
            "url" => $match[0][0]
        $result_array[] = $res;


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