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Pilot Awards (+Auto Awards) Upcoming Version - BETA Testers


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I am in the process of completely rewritting the Pilot Awards System which is available for a couple of year as a payware module on PHP-Mods website. The module is going to have a few issues resolved as well as extra auto awards functions (25 auto awards criteria in total). Due to that, I am looking for beta testers. The beta testers will have early access to the module and they will also assist me in the resolution of any bugs found before the final release. 


check.png You have already purchased the Pilot Awards System module.

check.png You have an active phpVMS installation with at least 20 pireps per day.

check.png You are willing to share your phpVMS/FTP/Database credentials.

check.png You have some basic knowledge over phpVMS (not developer knowledge).

If you are interested in that, just open a new support ticket under PHP-Mods Billing System and let me know your phpVMS website URL. I will need approximately 2-3 beta testers.

The critera for the auto awards system which are going to be implemented into the system are the following. The system will automatically check if the pilot fulfills any of the criteria and it will issue the desired awards just like it works today with the basic criteria.

Hours | Flights | Landing Rate | Days of Membership (weekends included or not) | Distance | Hours by Airline | Hours by Aircraft Type | Flights by Airline | Flights by Aircraft Type | Distance by Airline | Distance by Aircraft Type | Landing Rate by Aircraft Type | Flights by Airport Departed | Flights by Airport Arrived | Hours by Airport Departed | Hours by Airport Arrived | Times Flown a Schedule | Times Flown by ACARS | Pilot Money | Fuel Burned | Long Flight by Hours | Long Flight by Distance | Forum Posts (based on the PHP-Mods Forum System) | Screenshots Submitted (working with simpilot & crazycreatives addon modules) | Tours Completed (working with simpilot & crazycreatives addon modules)

Do you have any extra ideas? Feel free to share them!

Follow us at https://php-mods.eu/

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