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Help with SimBrief


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Hi guys. I'm new to phpvms but pretty much have the entirety of my crew center up and running, I just need some help with connecting simbrief to my dispatches. I received my API key this morning but that's about as far as I'm getting 😅 Is anyone available to help me out with this? Thanks in advance!

-Zac P.

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I installed it a while ago ..
do you have the simbrief files / folder ?

Normally you have to place simbrief.apiv1.php and simbrief.php in


Edit your simbrief.apiv1.php file to enter your API key
You also have the .tpl files to place in


For my part I did not use .tpl so I made my page in my skin location in a simbrief folder.
You also have simbrief.apiv1.js to place in


Then, in the page where you want to use simbrif, you put the call to the JS script:

<script type = "text/javascript" src = "<? php echo fileurl ('lib/js/simbrief.apiv1.js');?>"> </script>

and then in the page your form which sends the data to simbrief and who will send them back to your .tpl page (or your own .php page)

Hoping to have helped you


Beste regards

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