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Crystal Lite Skin for phpvms, the original Crystal Skin completely converted, but still with most of the original Style Sheet from the Old Version. This Skin is Now active on the below link, for a live preview of it. The Requirements are basic, PHP, Not TPL, PHP server version 5.3.xx to 5.6.xx. (have not tested it yet in 7.xx). Utilizing Bootstrap 3.3.7 with HTML5. Leaflet maps conversions, (Just upload the skin,all work has been done). Drop Down Menu on Hover also, all colors for it can be of course changed in the layout.php <style> area, its well marked. 

Multiple Side Bars, Live Map on the Frontpage of course. This skin is a Basic good starter skin with a clean look, with now a chance to add what you want without limitations to it. This will be available for downloading on 2/15/2020, But the Live Preview is Now open to check it out. Also below is a Link to view the PDF Doc file for it, which is included with other doc files for trouble shooting etc. This is again a bare bones basic skin for those who want something basic and simple. 

Preview Link Live When available : http://heritageairlines.com/hva

Documentation in PDF : http://heritageairlines.com/hva/lib/skins/litecrystal/docs/Crystal Lite Intro.pdf


Download PHPVMS Crystal Lite Skin

I will be enclosing also, a lot more detailed information included in the Zip File when I am completely finished and ready to Publish this for everyone to download. The Live Preview will remain up for about 5-7 days, and then afterwards there is Another Skin that is ready for Previewing on top of this one. The HVA link (1st one) is always, and will always be my Beta Site for those who do not know. There are on the burner ready to go, 3 more skins besides. Thank You all, and I will updated this Post when the ZIP file is ready, and the Link is ready for everyone to download this. Thanks !!


Jim L. Owner Heritage VA.

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updated information and links
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