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Schedule Import Issue


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I needed to update some of our schedules so I exported the schedules from the admin panel and opened them with Excel 2007. After I made some changes I saved the file as file type CSV.

When I imported the schedules back into the admin panel it stated "the import process is complete".

The schedules all appear in the admin panel and I can also see all the schedules in my database in my cpanel/phpmyadmin.


But my issue now is that no flight schedules appear on our flight schedules page - https://www.scootvirtual.net/index.php/schedules

From checking other topics about the same/similar issue I changed the skin back to the crystal skin in the admin panel and the flight schedule search appeared correctly. Then I switched back to my main skin the schedule would still appear but only until I refreshed the page again.

I have been able to import schedules on many previous occasions using https://sheet.zoho.com/sheet/excelviewer but this is the first time I have edited the schedules using Excel 2007 so I'm wondering if that may be the issue.


I did find a minor solution that works, and that is to "edit" a flight from the my flight schedules and routes from the admin panel and press save. That one flight from the schedule will than appear on my schedules page correctly.

I have 52 pages of schedules though so obviously I don't want to go into each flight and press edit/then save for them to appear.


If anyone has a quicker solution I would highly appreciate it.

I have also attached a copy of my schedules file from excel if anyone is interested but I don't think it's the issue as I have checked it over and over.





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I am pretty sure that the issue has to do with the days of week.


Can you get into your phpmyadmin and run the following query:

UPDATE phpvms_schedules SET daysofweek='0123456', week1='0123456', week2='0123456', week3='0123456', week4='0123456';

Don't forget to replace "phpvms_" with your database table prefix if you are using a different one. Let us know if it worked.

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Thanks for your reply servetas, 


I ran the query through phpmyadmin and the result was:


1286 rows affected. (Query took 0.0070 seconds.)

UPDATE phpvms_schedules SET daysofweek='0123456', week1='0123456', week2='0123456', week3='0123456', week4='0123456'


I reloaded the flight schedules page but I'm still getting the same result, no flights are appearing.



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I followed what another user had posted in another topic about fixing the issue -



On 9/19/2017 at 2:25 PM, theohall said:

Found a possible solution.

Exported the schedules

Changed all of the values in the Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 columns to 1 in the csv file.  Saved the file.

Import the newly saved schedules with Delete Previous checked.

Deleted all the 1s in the Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 columns.  Saved the csv file.

Import the newly saved schedules with Delete Previous checked again.

All the schedules appear on the first Schedule page without clicking Find Flights.  

Not sure why this worked.  Just know that it did.

If your schedules are actively using the Week 1 through Week 4 columns, doing the same in the "days of week" column should work.  Just sort your spreadsheet accordingly and only change values in the empty cells.


This fixed my issue. Thanks.

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