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Fuel Tankering Finance


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I'm trying to figure out how I can modify the app controllers code to following fuel "tankering" logic.


What I have done so far was create another field on the PIREP submit labeled block_in_fuel.

That seems to be working fine.


But now I want the PirepFinanceService to look for the previous pirep for that aircraft.

Is there a function like that already built I could use to accomplish finding that record?


From there I assume I would so something like ...$fuel_used = $pirep->block_fuel - $prevpirep->block_in_fuel


I'm a huge noob to Laravel. So any pointers would be appreciated.

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After line 154 of App\Services\Finance\PirepFinanceService.php,

Just add this code. I think it should work.


$aircraft_id = $pirep->aircraft->id;
$prev_pirep = Pirep::select('block_in_fuel')->where('aircraft_id', $aircraft_id)->first();
$fuel_used = $pirep->block_fuel - $prev_pirep->block_in_fuel;


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Is that also an additional fuel used you want to do? It's probably better to do that in a module listening to one of the PIREP events. That way it won't get overwritten. 


Edit: Sorry, just realized we already talked and you opened that Github issue. I'll be adding that in.

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