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Airport Lookup - updated VACentral API for airport lookup only

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Airport lookup update to work with same API as used by phpVMS v7. Restores ability to lookup airports for airport table. Adds additional fields to airport table for use in your templates.


I've been sitting on these files for a while to be sure the beta testers didn't have any issues. Read the README_1ST.txt file for info.


Works with phpVMS 5.5.2 and - not tested with phpVMS 2.x - will not work with phpVMS v7.


You will need to manually update each airport after installing this mod to get all the new data in the airports table - use EDIT from airport page, click LOOK UP, click Edit Airport. It will not automatically update all your existing airports. Some lesser known airports are not available in the parsed database - you will have to add those manually.


Released as freeware. Shall not be uploaded to other sites without written permission.

Thanks to all those who contributed to getting this working.

NEW Airport Lookup phpVMS 5.5.2.zip

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I have a question regarding this, after reading readme file I didn't find PHPVMS_API inside local.config.php but only in app.config.php and when I add LOOKUP and PHPVMS_API lines and install your module it is stuck at Fetching airport data. 

What could be wrong here?

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app.config.php is where all the base settings are. You never change or add anything to app.config.php. All changes/additions are done to local.config.php.


local.config.php overrides any like settings in app.config.php.


Steps # 3 and #4 need to be followed to the letter.

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